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Sunday, July 04, 2004

Women's history

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Dear ....,

I was looking up something else, when I stumbled on this beautiful document.

I was there! I wrote for "The Lesbian Tide!"

I strung mic chords at Margie's first concert, and at the Lesbian Talent Show.

I went to the FIRST Calif. Women's Music Festival, and tried to give Meg Christian a kitten!

I knew almost everybody she mentions.

I watched Olivia Records come to town.

Margie and her then lover, Cris Williamson, slept in our collective house in the Santa Monica Mountains.

I partied with Vicki Randle.

This is a very long document. Just keep it around and look it over from time to time.

I'm keeping this in a safe place; it's my history. I was RIGHT there!

First thing I ever wrote for feminist press was a review of a Cris Williamson concert, published in "Sister" newspaper in L.A.

Wrote it as part of a writer's workshop Jeanne Cordova held, trying to recruit writers for "The Tide," which I immediately joined. I was a member of the Collective for two years.

I had forgotten, suppressed, so MUCH of this!

I felt like SUCH a traitor for leaving!

A HUGE gap in my personal history results!

And it was the most loving, inspired, creative, joyful part of my life.

That's what you're witnessing: I'm coming home.

"The Unicorn Song" was my FAVORITE song. I remember when we started singing along, surprising Margie, 'til she almost lost it.

Oh, this is my history!

I need to teach those kids at Food Not Bombs about this! They're already asking me....

I just had to share this with you. It explains how knowing you and discovering you is catalyzing me into knowing, discovering and REMEMBERING me!

So, if I get a little enthusiastic from time to time, be patient.

I'm saving my life, and our history, in the process.

Click link to "Women Who Dare." The lyrics feel very similar to my experience of you.

I feel as though, by willingly working on this connection with you, I've discovered the portal that takes me back to my authentic self.

I was doing fine, honest, learning to love myself.

Even my "crush" on my advisor was a healthy indicator that I still have common sense, good taste in gentlemen, and eros.

But it wasn't until I stuck my neck out and worked to form a bond with a strong, independent woman --you-- that I could really come Home.

I HAD to remember! I HAD to return.

And you've been pretty damn brave, accepting, nonjudgmental and open to me. I give you props for that.

Which puts me back at having common sense, good taste in gentle women, and whatever the female word for sexuality is.

See? It's been so long, I've lost the language, therefore the thinking, therefore the map back to myself....

I'll get it.

Now, I'll have to dig through several boxes of old cassette tapes, to find the REAL music of my young womanhood: the first concerts of women's music.

Well, that's a helluva lot more than I meant to write. Sorry. It all just poured out of me....

Margie Adam, NWMF

With continued gratitude,