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Monday, February 26, 2007

She keeps betraying my trust

Tonight, she wouldn't even relate to me about the Oprah special on her
school for girls in South Africa.

I always wanted to start a school. And my work with the kids in the War
Zone was so important to me. It killed me when the city condemned the
house and threw me into the street.

She knows all that.

It's always about her interests, projects, needs, etc. I always play
second fiddle, am required to put my needs aside. Her job, school, body
dysmorphia, hypocondria and self-obsession always come first.

She can't conceive of treating me with minimum respect.

I emailed her this:

The least important aspect of the program tonight was why the girls
spoke English.

You repeatedly interrupted the MOST important part of the program, the
girls' own stories, to obsess on it.

I told you to look it up. You were sitting RIGHT by a computer with
internet access.

You would not let me hear the girts' stories, and that's exactly why I
wanted to watch the program.

Other than your obsession with that issue, you had no interest in the
program, except to put down Oprah.

I wasn't watching Oprah; I was watching the girls. They're the story.

Your behavior was disrespectful and disruptive. I don't frequently
express much interest in promotions for tv programming. I did for this
special, and told you so over several days.

You KNEW this was important to me.

I don't ask for much, but I do provide a lot. I wanted to see that
program, to enjoy and savor it.

You poisoned it. I think you did it intentionally.

I seldom ask for your emotional support. I needed it tonight.

As usual, you were not only not there for me, but you acted like I was
torturing you, just because I wanted to have you actually stand within
my line of vision while I spoke to you. You made faces; you groaned; you
sighed heavily; you rolled your eyes. You made it very clear you didn't
even want to listen to me.

Tonight was an incredible opportunity for us to bond, discuss something
profoundly important to the health of the world. You threw it away.

I give up. Nothing I do to support, help and encourage you will ever be
enough to earn your respect. You will never treat me as an equal. You
will always treat me as a threat to your well being.

I quit. You're on your own.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

NM domestic partner legislation

You are reading Legislative Update: House Bill 603 on the Move

HB603: Domestic Partner Rights And Responsibilities Act Scheduled for Hearing on Friday, February 23 at 1:30 pm

HB 603 is scheduled for public hearing in the House Judiciary Committee this Friday, February 20, 2007 at 1:30 pm in Room 309 at the Roundhouse. Once again, we will need people to attend the hearing.

Assuming HB603 passes House Judiciary, it will likely be heard on the House Floor next Wednesday, February 28. (It is possible that the hearing on the House Floor could be scheduled for Tuesday February 27th, but at this point Wednesday is our best estimate.) As soon as we receive confirmation on the hearing date, we will let you know. We will need to fill the Gallery with our supporters!


The pace is picking up, and EQNM needs you to take action. We need people to participate in our online campaigns, but we also need people to make phone calls and personal visits to the legislators!!!!

If you are willing to visit the Roundhouse to speak one on one with legislators, please contact our Executive Director, Alexis Blizman at 505-224-2766. She will be glad to meet you there (schedule permitting) or at least go over talking points and how to find the legislators that we need to put pressure on.

Help Pass Domestic Partner Benfits By Donating Now To Equality New Mexico’s Lobbying Efforts! Below is a list of legislators who we believe are either on the fence about supporting HB603 or who may be swayable. All of them need to be contacted multiple times and asked for their support. We need all of you to call their offices, visit them between now and next Tuesday, and tell them why they should support this important legislation. We know this is more time consuming than the online campaigns we have been asking you to participate in so far this session, but your efforts can make a huge difference. We have a good chance of getting HB603 through the House, but we need all of your help to do it.

Sample message to legislator (if you are making a phone call you will likly speak to a secretary. This is fine the keep a record of how many peopkle call to support a specific piece of legislation):

Hello, My name is _______ I am calling to ask Representative _______ to support House Bill 603 the Domestic Partner Rights and Responsiblites Act. This legislation will provide many protections that my family as well as numerous other New Mexican families desperately need.

Thank you and I urge Representative ______ to vote yes on HB603.

Rep. Janice Arnold-Jones (R, Bernaillo-24) 505.986.4451
Rep. Elias Barela (D, Valencia-8) 505.986-4254
Rep. Andrew Barreras (D, Valencia-7) 505.986.4243
Rep. Joseph Cervantes (D, Dona Ana-52) 505.986.4249
Rep. Mary Helen Garcia (D, Dona Ana-34) 505.986.4435
Rep. Roberto “Bobby” Gonzales (D, Taos-42) 505.986.4235
Rep. Manuel Herrera (D-Grants-39) 505.986.4233
Rep. Dona Irwin (D-Luna-32) 505.986.4249
Rep. Ben Lujan (D-Santa Fe-46) 505.986.4782
Rep. Andy Nunez (D-Dona Ana-36) 505.986.4423
Rep. Jane E. Powdrell-Culbert (R-Sandoval-44) 505.986.4467
Rep. Debbie Rodella (D-Rio Arriba, Sandoval & Taos-41) 505.986.4329
Rep. Dan Silva (D-Bernalillo-13) 505.986.4425

Thank you in advance for all of your hard work and dedication. Passing HB603 is an uphill battle for us all, but with your help, it is possible! ___________________________ Equality New Mexico is fighting for full civil rights for ALL New Mexicans.

Please help us continue the fight. Make a donation today at our secure website at or send a check to EQNM 1410 Coal Ave SW, Albuquerque, NM 87104.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Paula Gunn Allen benefit

You are reading

> > Contact: Kerrie Lynn
> > (404) 524-0304
> > Charis Books, Atlanta
> >
> >
> > Seven Native women writers will read Friday, March 2,
> > at 8 PM at Charis Books.
> The reading is in honor of
> > Paula Gunn Allen, the Laguna writer whose
> > groundbreaking study The Sacred Hoop, established the
> > field of Native feminist studies. Gunn Allen's home
> > was destroyed by a fire in October, and she has been
> > hospitalized as a result of injuires sustained in it.
> >
> > Paula Gunn Allen's many honors include an American
> > Book Award for her 1990 Spider Woman's Granddaughters:
> > Traditional Tales and Contemporary Writing, a National
> > Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, and the Lifetime
> > Achievement Award from the Native Writers Circle of
> > the Americas. A scholar and a creative writer, her
> > many books include Life is a Fatal Disease: Collected
> > Poems 1962-1995, The Woman Who Owned the Shadows, and
> > Grandmothers of the Light: A Medicine Woman's
> > Sourcebook. She received her M.F.A. from the
> > University of Oregon and her Ph.D. from the University
> > of New Mexico. After a distinguished teaching career,
> > including professorships at UCLA, Berkeley, and the
> > University of New Mexico, she retired in 1999.
> > Writers participating in the event include Kimberly
> > Blaeser (Anishnabe), Allison Hedge Coke (Tsalagi /
> > Huron), Heid Erdrich (Anishnabe), Diane Glancy
> > (Cherokee), LeAnne Howe (Choctaw), Evelina Lucero
> > (Isleta /San Juan Pueblo), Janet McAdams (Alabama
> > Creek), and Deborah Miranda (Esselen/Chumash). The
> > writers will read from Gunn Allen's as well as their
> > own work.
> >
> > Each of the poets has recently published a volume of
> > poetry in Salt Publishing's Earthworks series of
> > indigenous writers. Erdrich's The Mother's Tongue,
> > Glancy's Rooms, Howe's Evidence of Red , and
> > Miranda's The Zen of La Llorona appeared in 2005, the
> > inaugural year of the new Earthworks series. New books
> > include Blaeser's Apprenticed to Justice and Hedge
> > Coke's Blood Run. Series editor McAdams will also read
> > from a new collection, Feral. Novelist Lucero will
> > read from her award-winning Night Sky, Morning Star.
> >
> > More information, including directions, can be found
> > on the Charis Books website at
> > or by calling (404)
> > 524-0304. Gunn Allen's books will be available for
> > purchase, and donations will be requested for the
> > Paula Gunn Allen Fund. Admission is free.
> >
> >
> > ^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^
> >

Monday, February 05, 2007

Gender ID Assault

You are reading a Albuquerque, where your "friends" will mess with your gender!

Police arrest six in connection with bizarre, disgusting beating

Last Update: 02/02/2007 8:01:28 PM
By: Todd Dukart

An Albuquerque man is recovering after police say he was beaten in an incident with details that are rather disgusting.

Police say the 19-year-old man got into a scuffle with some friends that soon turned into an attack.

“He was confronted and basically overpowered,” said Albuquerque police spokesperson Trish Hoffman. “They started kicking and punching him, then threatened him with a knife.”

They forced the man into a dress, police say, put make-up on him, forced a sex toy into his mouth and rubbed dog feces on him.

The suspects stole his wallet and watch, police say.

The victim was released from the hospital on Friday. The suspects could face felony charges.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Refused Rape Services

We can't let one more rape survivor go through what a
21-year-old woman in Tampa Florida, just had to endure.

Please act now by rushing the enclosed petition to your state
governor to ensure rape survivors in your state are not denied
access to emergency contraception.

Here's what this young woman went through:

Raped as she returned to her car after attending a local parade,
she escaped and reported the attack to local police. As she was
being interviewed, police discovered she had an outstanding
four-year-old warrant for failing to pay a fine related to an
incident when she was a juvenile.

Just hours after being raped, she was handcuffed and hauled off
to jail. But it gets worse. A jail worker blocked this young
woman from taking emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy,
stopping her from taking the required second dose for more than
24 hours longer than recommended.

The reason: the jail supervisor doesn't "believe" in emergency

Will you join me in asking your governor to ensure that women in
your state have access to emergency contraception?

This is not the first time a rape survivor has been treated so
outrageously. But we need to insist that it should be the last
in Florida or anywhere else in the country. Please act right


Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood Federation of America


Tell A Friend:

Learn More:

Lots of winter projects

My g/f & I are planning a 10-day trip, traveling the Santa Fe Trail from
here in Albuquerque all the way to Kansas City and back. We're shooting
video for an Independent Study project of hers at college. It'll be a
video documentary, based on a radio play she produced several years ago.

So, the truck needs cleaning out; bedding and cooking utensils need
washing; goats & chickens need extra feed (so do cats). Clothes need
packing; cameras need batteries, film, etc.

It's a lot of work. As usual, she can't help, because she works full
time and has other classes, too.

It's her last semester. She'll graduate, with honors, in May. Maybe then
I can fall apart! I've never known her without tremendous pressure on

Besides all that, Dudette at Games has offered me a
job, writing about WebTV stuff for her users. I'll have a blog; it'll
have a forum, so readers can reply, etc. I'm also helping her set up
online greeting cards and email signatures.

So, I've been awful busy!

BTW: I'll be gone from the 9th through the 19th of February. We're
taking the WebTV and a small TV set with us. We'll periodically stay in
hotels. That way, we can post still photos online, check email, etc.
I'll try to post in my newsgroup and blogs then, but who knows?

Mostly, we'll be sleeping in the truck, on an air mattress, in February.
We go through Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and, of course, New
Mexico. Nothing like a camping trip, in the DEAD OF WINTER! brrr.