Stupid Girls

Friday, July 09, 2004

in my little yard

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You are reading

In my yard, paper garlands, rescued from a dumpster floated, patched with tape and saved with care.

In my yard, balloons saved from a gift package from a friend -- so old, some had holes and couldn't inflate -- bobbed and bounced against passers by.

In my yard, a lifetime's collection of cat nicknacks perched on a table, rescued from a dumpster.

In my yard, fresh fruits and delicacies, purchased with Food Stamps or rescued from disposal enticed the gathered and delighted the hungry.

In my yard, sweet smells and happy sounds wafted up, over the fence like offerings to The Universe.

In my yard, stories of adventures were shared like communion among the gathered.

In my yard, the most timid cat came right up to "strangers" for shrimp tails and bits of steak.

In my yard, a dog gazed adoringly at three women whom he considers Mothers.

In my yard, rain drops bounced and breezes fluffed as we just kept talking and complimented the weather.

In my yard, two of the finest hearts I've met in this town gathered with me to celebrate Life.

In my yard, nobility and courage assembled for a tea party.

In my yard, three little girls, each badly mistreated, played with each other and giggled at our strength.

In my yard, last night, a gathering of women laughed our way together to survival.

In my yard, muses, fates, harpies and fairies gathered to conjure magic in paper tiaras.

In my yard, a sisterhood celebrated.

I'm honored, nurtured and satisfied.

It was a hell of a party!