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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Three Woman Birthday Party!

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Oh, this is FUN! I've already hung my rainbow- and purple-and-yellow-paper garlands around my patio umbrella, and in the yard. I've cleaned it.

I've inventoried my foodstuffs. I may have more, as I plan to attend Blue Dragon tomorrow night, and he doesn' mind donating to Food Not Bombs.

And Thursday, my Food Stamps come!

I have: humus roll ups, which I'll broil, temporarily, with good sharp provolone. I have steaks. I have potatoes. I can make salsa.

I still have some frozen lemon curd dessert.

If I have to, I can run to Smith's for extra stuff.

The theme is cats.

I will surround the umbrella handle with small cat nicknacks.

I will "paint" cat faces on the plates, with beef gravy.

I may even make cat crackers, or some such thing.

The Birthday Girl has more cats than I do, and our friend is a cat lover, too: temporarily catless.

I'm giving the Birthday Girl one of my cat pillows, as well.

So, the yard's already decorated. The livingroom's cleaned. The yard's cleaned. The kitchen's cleaned.

Tomorrow, I begin cooking!

I haven't had good, women friends for WAY too long! And these are two of the smartest, funniest women I've met in this town!

What a JOY!

It's like a little girls' tea party, but FOR REAL!

I have a little, table top fountain pump that runs on batteries.

I am seriously considering fashioning a table top, fruit punch fountain!

I'm SO LOVING this!