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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

World AIDS Day: How To Get Tested For AIDS

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Egyptian women sues army over forced virginity tests, abuse

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VIDEO: Egyptian women sues army over forced virginity tests, abuse

Samira Ibrahim is suing the Egyptian Army over allegations of abuse, including a
Samira Ibrahim is speaking out against mistreatment she said she was subjected to by the Egyptian Army. The Tahrir Square protester said she was detained back in March, beaten and abused, including being subject to a "virginity test."

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Samira Ibrahim, 25, made a seven-hour train ride to Cairo Monday night, to hear the verdict in her case against the Egyptian army.
She sued the army and accuses the miliaty of subjecting her to torture and abuse, including a so-called “virginity test,” while in military detention back in March. Judges had promised to issue a verdict on Tuesday.
Standing on the front steps of a Cairo courthouse, her round face wrapped tightly in a fuchsia headscarf, Ibrahim admitted she was nervous. But there was something that gave her confidence. About a dozen Egyptian friends, activists and lawyers came to court to support her.
A young, bearded Egyptian engineer named Hossam al-Din introduced himself as a Salafi, an ultra-conservative branch of Islam. Al-Din said he met Samira Ibrahim in early February in Tahrir Square. He has gotten to know her since then and he’s here because what happened to Ibrahim could happen to any Egyptian girl – Christian or Muslim, he said – under this military government. That's not acceptable.
Tuesday in court was a big disappointment. The judge did not make a ruling. Instead the case was postponed until late December. After the announcement, Ibrahim was visibly frustrated.
“I’m not angry,” Ibrahim says. “They’re just stalling, trying to kill my case. But I’m not going to give up.”
Ibrahim has described what happened to her – in detail – in a video posted online:
Ibrahim, along with 16 other women, were detained during a demonstration on March 9. She was held for four days and during that time, she said, soldiers beat her repeatedly. They subjected her to electric shocks, screamed at her and threatened her. Then, worst of all, they made her strip so a man in a military uniform could check to see if she was a virgin.
She felt like she had been raped.
In June, Ibrahim filed a criminal complaint against the army, but the case has gone nowhere. So she filed suit in civil court, with the help of several human rights groups. They are asking judges to rule on the legality of Ibrahim’s treatment by the military. If they win the case, it could amount to a serious legal blow to Egypt’s military rulers.
Ahmed Hossam, Ibrahim’s lawyer, stood outside the courtroom smoking one cigarette after another. He said this case was incredibly sensitive politically. Hossam is not sure how the judges will rule.
Observers say it is hard to overstate just how much courage it takes for Ibrahim to go through with her case. Ibrahim isn't the only woman who has been subjected to “virginity tests” while in military detention, but sexual abuse carries a powerful stigma, said Heba Morayef of Human Rights Watch.
“Egypt remains a very conservative society and even talking about the fact that these virginity tests took place is very difficult for young women," Morayef said. "In fact, most of the women who’ve been subjected to these forced virginity tests have not wanted to come forward.”
Ibrahim’s lawyer said the case is probably being held up because the political atmosphere is so sensitive right now, with the recent violence and ongoing parliamentary elections.
“There’s not much to do now,” he said. “Except to wait.”
As for Ibrahim, she won't wait for anything. Minutes after the disappointing announcement in the courtroom, she joined a small group of demonstrators and together, they marched straight back to Tahrir Square.

TransHate is *NOT* a Canadian Value

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Intolerance. Bigotry. Hatred. These are *NOT* Canadian values...

The Original Advertisement in the National Post (*REMOVED*) ~

Well, at least Sun Media has taken up the flag on intolerance ~

Write them and tell them how you feel! ~

The Youtube version of the advertisement ~

Apology from the national post ~

The website of the "Institute for Canadian Values" ~

Excellent video by TheLaughingOut that deals with the topic. ~

All material covered under provisions for Fair Use.

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You can't learn ''gay'', fucktards!

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Bobchaos23 video on this:

And, as thetruepooka would say... PET THE KITTEH!


People & Blogs



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Institute for Canadian Values partial "links" list Conference of Defense Associations Institute Evangelical Fellowship of Canada Euthanasia Prevention Coalition of Canada Fraser Institute Institute of Marriage and Family Canada Kids First Parents Association of Canada Lifesitenews d Montreal Economic Institute National Citizens Coalition Preserve Marriage Préserver le Mariage Real Women of Canada Society for Quality Education

Institute for Canadian Values remainder "links' list Campaign Life Coalition

Canada Family Action Coalition

Canadians Against Suicide Bombing

Canadian Constitution Foundation

Canadian Physicians for Life

Canadian Taxpayers Federation

Centre for Cultural Renewal

Citizen Center for Freedom and Democracy

Female arrested forcibly strip searched nude by ohio male cops

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Welcome to the new world order.

Fully nude strip searches of females are being forcefully conducted by male police officers, against policy, and in Abu Ghraib torture style, in Stark County Ohio. The women are video-taped and left naked for up to six hours.

Near the beginning of the video you can see the black male officer helping to strip Hope's panties off of her while another male officer holds her down. The woman's bra and panties are removed along with all her clothing, exposing her bare naked breasts, ass, and vagina in front of the male officers. She is eventually completely stripped and left naked and handcuffed on the floor.

All this happened merely because 911 was called for help on Hope's behalf when she was hurt in a fight. Hope accidentally showed her dead sister's ID to police, she keeps it with her in remembrance of her sister. So far, five women have come forward with similar strip search experiences at this Ohio jail, see link near bottom.

Hope Steffey's 'Abu Ghraib' Treatment at the Stark County Jail:

Stark County Strip Searches

It all began in Stark County, Ohio when Hope Steffey was assaulted by a cousin and another cousin called 911 for assistance. When the officer arrived, Ms. Steffey accidentally handed over her deceased sister´s license, which she kept for sentimental reasons. She immediately noticed the mistake and gave the officer her own identification and asked for her sister´s to be returned. The officer refused to return her sister´s license. The officer ran a check on Ms. Steffey´s license and found no infractions, but continued to treat her as though she were the perpetrator of the crime, instead of the victim.

Ms. Steffey states she begged for the return of her sister´s license until Officer Gurlea lost his patience and shouted, "shut up about your dead sister." When Ms. Steffey pointed at the officer´s pocket, which held her sister´s id, and said, "she was here, she was someone", Officer Gurlea threw her face down on the hood of his patrol car, chipping one of her teeth. And according to documents filed by Hope and Greg Steffey with the United States District Court in Cleveland, Officer Gurlea then threw Steffey to the ground. Although Ms. Steffey´s cousin repeatedly reminded the officer that Steffey was the victim and had been knocked unconscious in the previous assault, Officer Gurlea handcuffed Steffey and put her into the back of his patrol car, refusing her medical care.

Hope Steffey was then taken to the county jail and forcibly strip-searched by 6 to 7 male and female deputies, despite Stark County´s own policy which states that a strip search must be conducted by a same sex officer. She was left in a cell for 6 hours with no clothing or even a blanket and eventually wrapped herself in toilet tissue for warmth and modesty. She was not allowed a phone call or medical attention and when she was later taken to booking, she was given only a small weighted vest to cover her nudity. She was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Is there video the Stark County Sheriff doesn't want you to see?

Strip search case prompts 5th woman to come forward:

The police state grows nearer as our freedoms, civil rights, and liberties, guaranteed under the United States Constitution, are whittled away by overwhelmingly powerful and excessive government. Please take a moment to educate yourself, watch this video of Congressman Ron Paul today:

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Maxine Feldman - ANGRY ATTHIS

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Posted in Honor of Maxine Feldman Dec. 26, 1944 - Aug. 17, 2007.
This song was taken from the 1979 Album Closet Sale : GALAXIA Women Enterprises is dedicated to the promotion of present and future women's culture. We wish to support the energy and talents of women so that they may be shared by all.
This album was especially dedicated to Mary Lee Farmer.

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Holly Near Singing for Our Lives

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In 2004 a million people marched in Washington DC for a woman's right to choose. Holly Near performs this song, featuring footage from the March for Women's Lives.

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The Women Are Singing Tonight - Cris Williamson

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This is from: "Fringe". Cris Williamson singing Danny O Keefe's "The Women Are Singing Tonight".
From the jacket Cris writes:

Danny O Keefe is a master storyteller and he freely gave me this song for this project, knowing how much I care about the journey of the Nez Perce in the late 1800s. This song takes place in the Big Hole Valley, the night before Gibbon comes at dawn to forever change the lives of these people. But on this nightthe women are singing. I pulled in so many powerful women to sing on this song to try and evoke those voices from long ago.

The words:

Smoke drifts into the treetops
Returning echoing owls
Coyotes conversing coyly
In staccatos and howls

Horses nicker their murmurs
The pipe passes hand to hand
How can we be strangers here
This is our land?

At daylight we may run for our lives
Or we may stand and fight
No one owns tomorrow
The women are singing tonight

We are held within the circle
Of Mother Earths embrace
She is our destination
In this lonely race

There is a hope in deepest darkness
Alive like flickering flame
Like the power of a womens voice
When she whispers your name

While the children are softly sleeping
Shadows dance in the light
No one owns tomorrow
The women are singing tonight

Someone take these moments
String them into chains
Moving pictures that speak
From the distance like trains

Well remain behind to haunt you
You will meet us on the trails
Hold us in your minds eyes
When your vision fails

Like ghosts within the forest
Ever slightly out of sight
No one owns tomorrow
The women are singing tonight
- Danny O Keefe

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Dustin Lance Black part 1

The filmmaker of "Milk" discusses his new film about J. Edger Hoover.
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Wild Weed: Lyle Talbot, Jack Elam, Lila Leeds, David Holt, Don Harvey (1...

Uploaded by on Nov 26, 2011 DVD:

"She Shoulda Said 'No'!" (also known as Wild Weed; Marijuana, the Devil's Weed; The Story of Lila Leeds and Her Exposé of the Marijuana Racket; and The Devil's Weed) is a 1949 exploitation film that follows in the spirit of morality tales such as the 1936 films Reefer Madness and Marihuana. Directed by Sherman Scott and starring Lila Leeds, it was originally produced to capitalize on the arrest of Leeds and Robert Mitchum on a charge of marijuana conspiracy. The film was issued under many titles; it struggled to find a distributor until film presenter Kroger Babb picked up the rights, reissuing it as The Story of Lila Leeds and Her Exposé of the Marijuana Racket. Its relative success came only after the promotional posters were redone and a story fabricated that the film was being presented in conjunction with the United States Treasury.

Leeds' character is "Anne Lester", a young orphan who is trying to pay for her brother's college education. After meeting Markey, a drug dealer, Anne begins to believe that she must smoke marijuana to fit in with her friends. She then goes to a "tea party", where she tries the drug for the first time. She is unaffected by the initial experiment, and loses her fear of drugs as she continues to smoke.

Anne's drug use results in the loss of many of her inhibitions, and the film shows her actions under the influence, including scenes implying sexual promiscuity. As the film progresses, she is fired from her job and begins selling drugs for Markey. Her brother hangs himself when he learns of her new job, and she is arrested and given a tour of the various psychiatric wards and jails that drug users end up in. Finally, after 50 days in jail, she is released, cleaned up and ready to cooperate with the authorities regarding Markey.

According to Friedman, Babb's presentations of the film made more money than any other film the same theater would showcase over a typical film's full booking. While actual dollar figures are not available because of the nature of the genre (which was known for poor record keeping and unconventional distribution practices), the general financial success of "She Shoulda Said 'No'!" prompted producers, in 1951, to import a similar film from Argentina titled The Marihuana Story. That film, about a doctor who goes undercover into the world of drug addicts to learn about his wife's death only to become addicted to marijuana himself, was not as successful as other exploitation-style efforts as the public was more concerned about drug use by younger people.

"She Shoulda Said 'No'!" was not well-received critically upon its initial release, with The New York Times saying "[n]ever did vice seem so devoid of enchantment." Production and distribution of drug films slowed considerably following the film's run until Frank Sinatra's The Man with the Golden Arm forced changes to the Production Code, which was a studio-based system which regulated various aspects of objectionable content in films.

Cast Alan Baxter -- Markey Lyle Talbot -- Captain Hayes Lila Leeds -- Ann Michael Whelan -- Treanor Mary Ellen Popel -- Rita Doug Blackley -- Lieutenant Mason David Holt -- Bob Lester Don Harvey -- Lieutenant Tyne David Gorcey -- Ricky Jack Elam -- Raymond Dick Cogan -- Edmunds Knox Manning -- Narrator

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Got Hope? Harvey Milk.

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Harvey Milk was the first openly-gay man to be elected to public office in the US in 1977. His most recognized speech, "You Cannot Live On Hope Alone," was given in 1978, shortly before he was assassinated. His words resonate particularly today as Californians debate a resolution to ban gay marriage.

To learn more about Harvey Milk, check out

And to learn about more causes, check out

"Somewhere in Des Moines or San Antonio there is a young gay person who all the sudden realizes that he or she is gay; knows that if their parents find out they will be tossed out of the house, their classmates will taunt the child, and the Anita Bryant's and John Briggs' are doing their part on TV. And that child has several options: staying in the closet, and suicide. And then one day that child might open the paper that says "Homosexual elected in San Francisco" and there are two new options: the option is to go to California, or stay in San Antonio and fight. Two days after I was elected I got a phone call and the voice was quite young. It was from Altoona, Pennsylvania. And the person said "Thanks". And you've got to elect gay people, so that thousand upon thousands like that child know that there is hope for a better world; there is hope for a better tomorrow. Without hope, not only gays, but those who are blacks, the Asians, the disabled, the seniors, the us's: without hope the us's give up. I know that you can't live on hope alone, but without it, life is not worth living. And you, and you, and you, and you have got to give them hope."
-Harvey Milk, 1978

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

R.I.P. Lynn Margulis, Biological Rebel

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R.I.P. Lynn Margulis, Biological Rebel

The biologist Lynn Margulis died on November 22 at the age of 73. I adapted the following essay about her from my 1996 book The End of Science.
Lynn Margulis was among the most creative challengers of mainstream Darwinian thinking of the late 20th century. She challenged what she called “ultra-Darwinian orthodoxy” with several ideas. The first, and most successful, is the concept of symbiosis. Darwin and his heirs had always emphasized the role that competition between individuals and species played in evolution. In the 1960′s, however, Margulis began arguing that symbiosis had been an equally important factor–and perhaps more important–in the evolution of life. One of the greatest mysteries in evolution concerns the evolution of prokaryotes, cells that lack a nucleus and are the simplest of all organisms, into eukaryotes, cells that have nuclei. All multi-cellular organisms, including humans, consist of eukaryotic cells.
Margulis proposed that eukaryotes may have emerged when one prokaryote absorbed another, smaller one, which became the nucleus. She suggested that such cells be considered not as individual organisms but as “composites.” After Margulis provided examples of symbiotic relationships among living microorganisms, she gradually won support for her views on the role of symbiosis in early evolution. She did not stop there, however. Like Stephen Jay Gould and Niles Eldredge, authors of the punctuated equilibrium hypothesis, she argued that conventional Darwinian mechanisms could not account for the stops and starts observed in the fossil record. Symbiosis, she suggested, could explain why species appear so suddenly and why they persist so long without changing.
Margulis’s emphasis on symbiosis led naturally to a much more radical idea: Gaia. The concept and term (Gaia was the Greek goddess of the earth) were originally proposed in 1972 by James Lovelock, a British chemist and inventor. Gaia comes in many guises, but the basic idea is that the biota, the sum of all life on earth, is locked in a symbiotic relationship with the environment–the atmosphere, the seas and other aspects of the earth’s surface. In fact, the biota chemically regulates the environment in such a way as to promote its own survival. Margulis was immediately taken with Gaia, and she joined Lovelock in promulgating the idea.
I met Margulis in May 1994 in the first-class lounge of New York’s Pennsylvania Station, where she was waiting for a train. She resembled an aging tomboy: she had short hair and ruddy skin, and she wore a striped, short-sleeve shirt and khaki pants. She dutifully played the radical, at first. She ridiculed the suggestion of Ernst Mayr, Richard Dawkins and other ultra-Darwinians that evolutionary biology might be nearing completion, in terms of not requiring any major additions or revisions. “They’re finished,” Margulis declared, “but that’s just a small blip in the 20th century history of biology rather than a full-fledged and valid science.”
She emphasized that she had no problem with the basic premise of Darwinism. “Evolution no doubts occurs, and it’s been seen to occur, and it’s occurring now. Everyone who’s scientific-minded agrees with that. The question is, how does it occur? And that’s where everyone parts company.” Ultra-Darwinians, by focusing on the gene as the unit of selection, had failed to explain how speciation occurs. Only a much broader theory that incorporates symbiosis and higher-level selection could account for the diversity of the fossil record and of life today, according to Margulis.
Symbiosis, she added, also allows a kind of Lamarckianism, or inheritance of acquired characteristics. Through symbiosis, one organism can genetically absorb or infiltrate another and thereby become more fit. For example, if a translucent fungus absorbs an alga that can perform photosynthesis, the fungus may acquire the capability of photosynthesis too and pass it to its offspring. Margulis noted that Lamarck has been unfairly cast as the goat of evolutionary biology. “We have this British-French business. Darwin’s all right and Lamarck is bad. It’s really terrible.” Margulis acknowledged that symbiogenesis, the creation of new species through symbiosis, is not really an original idea. The concept was first proposed early in this century by the Russian biologist Marachovsky. Similar ideas were set forth in the 1920′s by Ivan Emmanual Wallin in a book called Symbioticism and Origins of Species. “An absolutely beautiful, wonderful book that was totally ignored,” Margulis declared.
Before meeting Margulis, I had read a draft of a book she was writing with her son, Dorian Sagan, called What Is Life? The book was an amalgam of philosophy, science and lyric tributes to “life: the eternal enigma.” It argued, in effect, for a new holistic approach to biology, in which the animist beliefs of the ancients are fused with the mechanistic views of post-Newton, post-Darwin science. Margulis conceded that the book was aimed less at advancing testable, scientific assertions than at encouraging a new philosophical outlook among biologists. But the only difference between her and biologists like Dawkins, she insisted, is that she admitted her philosophical outlook instead of pretending that she didn’t have one. “Scientists are no cleaner with respect to being untouched by culture than anyone else.”
Did that mean that she did not believe science can achieve absolute truth? Margulis pondered the question a moment. She noted that science derives its power and persuasiveness from the fact that its assertions can be checked against the real world–unlike the assertions of religion, art and other modes of knowledge. “But I don’t think that’s the same as saying there’s absolute truth. I don’t think there’s absolute truth, and if there is, I don’t think any person has it.”
Then, perhaps realizing how close she was edging toward postmodernism, Margulis took pains to steer herself back toward the scientific mainstream. She resented depictions of her as a scientific feminist, who was trying to replace masculine concepts of nature with feminine ones. She conceded that, in comparison to such concepts as “survival of the fittest” and “nature red in tooth and claw,” her symbiosis views might seem feminine. “There is that cultural overtone, but I consider that just a complete distortion.”
She rejected the notion–often associated with Gaia–that the earth is in some sense a living organism. “The earth is obviously not a live organism,” Margulis said, “because no single living organism cycles its waste. That’s so anthropomorphic, so misleading.” Lovelock encouraged this metaphor, she claimed, because he thought it would aid the cause of environmentalism, and because it suited his own quasi-spiritual leanings. “He says it’s an okay metaphor because it’s better than the old one. I think it’s bad because it’s just getting the scientists mad at you, because you’re encouraging irrationality.”
Both Gould and Dawkins have ridiculed Gaia as pseudo-science, poetry posing as a theory. But Margulis is, in at least one sense, much more hard-nosed, more of a positivist, than they are. Gould and Dawkins each resorted to speculation about extraterrestrial life in order to buttress his view of life on earth. Margulis scoffed at these tactics. Any proposals concerning the existence of life elsewhere in the universe–or its Darwinian or non-Darwinian nature–are sheer speculation, she said. “You have no constraints on the answer to that, whether it’s a frequent or infrequent thing. So I don’t see how people can have strong opinions on that. Let me put it this way: opinions aren’t science. There’s no scientific basis! It’s just opinion!”
She remembered that in the early 1970′s she had received a call from the director Steven Spielberg, who was in the process of writing the movie ET. Spielberg asked Margulis if she thought it was likely or even possible that an extraterrestrial would have two hands, each with five fingers. “I said, ‘You’re making a movie! Just make it fun! What the hell do you care! Don’t try to confuse yourself that it’s science!’”
Toward the end of our interview, I asked Margulis if she minded always being referred to as a provocateur or gadfly, or someone who was “fruitfully wrong,” as one scientist put it. She pressed her lips together, brooding over the question. “It’s kind of dismissive, not serious,” she replied. “I mean, you wouldn’t do this to a serious scientist, would you?” She stared at me, and I finally realized her question was not rhetorical; she really wanted an answer. I agreed that the descriptions seemed somewhat condescending.
“Yeah, that’s right,” she mused. Such criticism did not bother her, she insisted. “Anyone who makes this kind of ad hominem criticism exposes himself, doesn’t he? I mean, if their argument is just based on provocative adjectives about me rather than the substance of the issue, then…”  Her voice trailed off. Like other mavericks I have met, Margulis could not help but yearn, now and then, to be a respected member of the status quo, whose work merely confirmed the prevailing paradigm. But without courageous rebels like her, science would never achieve any progress.
Photo credit Wikimedia Commons.
About the Author: Every week, John Horgan takes a puckish, provocative look at breaking science. A former staff writer at Scientific American, he is the author of four books, including The End of Science (Addison Wesley, 1996) and The End of War (McSweeney's Books, January 2012).
The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Threesome Sex Calvin Klein

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 I can't figure out what the fark I'm looking at. I s this sposed to be gang rape??? see, I don't know. What if the woman just wants to do it with 3 guys? Guys always wanna do it with a herd of women. Maybe she just wants to b a denim sandwich...

 I guess, for monogamous heterosexuals, it would look that way: like it's ambiguous. Since I'm neither, since I've been in the Queer and sex-positive communities for many decades, a scene like this isn't at all threatening, shocking or ominous to me. Even if it were a bondage scene, I wouldn't automatically interpret it as soft core rape porn. It appears consensual; it looks like it's very pleasurable. Maybe it's freaking people out because of the spray paint and the chain link? Maybe it looks "too ghetto?" Maybe because it's daylight, outdoors? Shoot, I've done all that, and then some. My objections, as always, are about how exclusive it is: white, probably heterosexual, young, thin, able-bodied.

 A lot of younger people have sex-positive experiences of sexuality. Many are non-monogamous, pansexual, kink, Gender Queer, etc. I don't think this ad would raise an eyebrow on most college campuses, and I'll bet five bucks that's who the ad is targeting. I don't think we need to protect people from images like this; I think we need more, and more diverse, images like this. 

Now, the REAL, underlying message is: "you're an ugly nerd. Nobody wants to fuck you into total, blissful abandon. So, buy our jeans, and maybe you'll get lucky, loser, cuz they'll see how much $ you've pissed away on cotton, sewn by exhausted women of color for a subsistence wage. Then, before you even have time to find out how poorly constructed they are and that they'll start disintegrating in under a year, we'll bring out a NEW style, so all your friends will know what a LOSER you are, if you keep wearing THIS pair. After all, you're a worthless piece of meat, bitch, and we own your mind. So, surrender to the shopping addiction we've been shoving down your throat -- and are now shoving up your vulva -- and buy this junk, bitch. Because, without us, you're nothing but a quivering, prudish, ugly slob. And we'll make damn sure you always think so!" 


"Religion Poisons Everything" gets my boot

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There's a facebook group I joined recently. The admin is just spewing filth. So, before I "disliked" the group, I posted the following for him.

I think you may have a serious personality disorder. Yes, I see: alcohol. Ok, here's the deal: You don't get to use a SLUR for my genitals to "insult" god, ok? My body has been through enough abuse and you are JUST NOT THAT IMPORTANT! I realize it's "cool" these days to use words like "twat" and "cunt" to insult people you don't like: telling them they're ugly, dirty, contemptuous and stupid (because that's what you think of women's bodies, which COMES FROM THE BIBLE, GENIUS!). What that has to do with rational thinking, I don't know. But, unless and until MOST of the rapes, domestic violence, genital mutilation, social discrimination and hate speech in this world are NOT about women and our bodies, You just don't get to talk like that and get any respect. It's a cheap, dirty shot and you should be ashamed. You wouldn't use a RACIAL slur the way you're using sexist slurs! So, smart ass, you are now an androtard in my book and I don't want anything to do with your mental health issues. I discovered you through Evid3nc3, whom I greatly admire. You, on the other hand, never matured beyond 9th grade. NOTHING you have to say is worth my dignity, civil rights and personhood. And there's NO problem on Earth that can't be made worse with alcohol. What a jerk

Friday, November 18, 2011

To the Contrary | Meryl Streep Speaks Out for a National Women's History...

Uploaded by on Nov 18, 2011

Academy Award winning actress Meryl Streep traveled to Washington, DC, in her role as spokesperson for the National Women's History Museum. The museum, which currently exists solely online, is looking for a permanent home on the national mall, pending congressional approval. Streep sat down with To the Contrary to discuss her latest role and why this museum is so important to her.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gender Queer Atheists on FaceBook

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Visit us on FaceBook Here:

"The Ones Who Aren't Here"
Sung by Meg Christian

I'm thinking about
the ones who aren't here
and won't be coming in late,
home all alone
and the family
and won't be coming out tonight.
Wish I could know
all the lovers and friends
kept from gathering.
I think of you now,
the ways you can go,
we're all of us refugees

Telling myself
and the family,
my friends and the folks on the job,
one by one
and it's never been easy
and me and everyone changed.
The hugs and the tears
when they show you their hearts
and some never speak again.
Every pot off the wheel
can't bear the kiln,
every love can't bear the pain.

So let's pass a kiss
and a happy sad tear
and a hug the whole circle round
for the ones who aren't here
for the hate and the fear
for laughter, for struggle, for life.
Let's have a song here for me and for you
and the love that we cannot hide.
And let's have a song
for the ones who aren't here
and won't be coming out tonight.

music and lyrics copyrighted by John Calvi

Friday, November 11, 2011

Dan Savage Gets Glitter Bombed for Being Transphobic

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Daily experiments in LGBTQ The bottom line is that when challenged on his various prejudicial influences, Dan Savage tells his critics to patiently wait for him while it gets better. This glitterbomb is one of many responses that demand, "Make it better."
I'm just a plain, ol garden variety Queer. I KNOW the het supremacists are out to get ALL of us and we'd damn well better stick together or die alone. THEY don't make fine distinctions or split hairs like we do; they just want us all dead or converted for their comfort and convenience. So, when the poster child for Aryan Nation turns his back on me b/c I'm not his make and model of Queer, I wanna dress him in red stilettos and spank him with a copy of "Stone Butch Blues," until he cries "Uncle!"

Oh, but gender queer is the scariest thing, because it "violates" a fundamental form of self-identity: gender roles. The scariest part is, it's so ingrained into us: what is "male" and what is "female," most of us don't even KNOW we're so narrow minded. I'm narrow minded, but at least I'm aware of it! LOL See, gender Queers are analogous to the "retarded" cousins my hill people kin kept chained in the wood shed: they're an embarrassment; we don't want our family associated with freaks like that; what will the neighbors say..... Dan Savage, except for the facts of where he puts his penis, passes as the ideal, middle class, white dude....who just happens to be Gay, so deserves equal rights. Now, when OTHER folks, who don't quite fit the gender binary "norm," show up, the Dan Savages get all bent (pun intended) out of shape, cuz they're still SO WORRIED about what the straight neighbors will think. Seriously. So, his kind of "acceptable" will sell out the rest of us, every damn time. It's kinda like the light skinned house servant, looking down on the field hands: internalized oppression. Dan Savage has gender phobia issues! Mary, please!

have to wonder, with all that Dan Savage claims to have learned in the past 15 years, has he learned how to be less transphobic or has he only learned how to sound less transphobic while still putting out equally damaging statements? I could go on, but his behavior has already been well documented by other bloggers, such as Masculine Toast, Bi Furious, Greta Christina, and FuckNoDanSavage. The bottom line is that when challenged on his various prejudicial influences, Dan Savage tells his critics to patiently wait for him while it gets better. This glitterbomb is one of many responses that demand, "Make it better."