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Friday, November 30, 2012

Queer: Feminism's "Little Sister"

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I coincidentally saw that Queer-bashing vid by that MRA. He uses inflammatory language, speaks in generalities, uses provocative language & baiting (eg: "Marxist). There's a huge movement in USA to discredit: science, women's autonomy, variation from binary hetero. I ask myself: who's promoting those ideas? Whom does it serve in a culture that requires soldiers, prisoners & "service" workers to keep corporations in the black? We are products. And he plays directly into that notion.

Then, argue against transhumanism, against prosthetics, against BlueTooth, against virtual reality gaming, against that new bracelet internet device. We can NOT use our primitive history 2 argue our future. Gender, sex & sexual orientation are changing. It's irrevocable. Our species doesn't require a binary anymore for compulsory breeding. In fact, to insist on one is deleterious 2 the evolution of the species.