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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Ms. C's Birthday Supper

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Sent e-mail message
From: rriverstone (Rogi Riverstone) Date: Tue, Jul 6, 2004, 4:22pm
To: Ms. K
Cc: Ms. C

Subject: Ms. C's Birthday Supper

Dear Ms. K,

Ms. C has accepted my invitation to be my guest for dead cows & tubers (steak and baked potatoes) at my domicile, in celebration of her successful completion of another year of Life.

I happily extend said invitation to you, with the alteration of menu to include more proper vegetation than spuds.

Ms. C has agreed to join me at the hour of "Six......ish" p.m.

Please feel free to attend. In fact, although I haven't consulted Ms. C directly about representing her, we're begging you.

Party hats and noise makers will not be distributed to the celebrants. We're foolish enough, as it is, and require no additional costuming.

We're also the loudest people at KUNM, requiring no electronic enhancement to transmit our messages. We're perfectly capable of making our own noise, thank you.

Fruit salad will also be on the menu, as will my Sugarless, Frozen, Ooey, Gooey Dessert Without A Name.

Pork rinds and celery will also be available to those who can figure out what to do with them. Cat hair is optional.

Most Sincerely,

Martha Stewart
reply from Ms. K
Dear Ms. K,

We would, indeed, be speaking of six ... ISH in the pm, this Thursday evening, before the ... whatever else you said.

One must, out of respect to the Guest of Honor, accommodate cultural differences in concepts of time.

In Ms. C's universe, unlike yours, Ms. K, one's broadcasts are stored in an archives file until aired. One needn't be present to actually inform and amuse one's listeners.

You, Ms. K, come from a more punctilious universe.

I straddle the cusp of, and respect and honor, both.

Therefore, Ms. C seldom visits the zone of "sharp." As this is her Birthday, I thought it best to accommodate her customs, for the sake of her supper, only.

We SHALL arrive at the Play on time, if we must drag Ms. C by her hair!

Hasta Thursday,

Martha Stewart
reply from Ms.C
Dear Ms. C,

I'm only sayin....


Martha Stewart