Stupid Girls

Saturday, July 03, 2004

things to ask

You are reading


You are reading

Are you really coming out? Or is that a metaphor?

If you are, am I under consideration as a candidate?

Are you waiting for permission?

Are you waiting to see if you can trust me?

Are you afraid I'll put demands on you?

Do you think I'll demand exclusive rights to your time, energy and affections?

Are you beginning to find me acceptable?

Are you ready to begin?

May I have this dance?

Did you see the tears in my eyes as I watched you under the moon?

Do you understand I throb, wanting to touch you?

Did you feel how thick the atmosphere was between us?

Can you work me in to your exercise routine?

Do you see how hard I work to be responsible?

Do you understand monogomy is for heterosexuals who breed?

Would you like to hear my poetry about you?

Do you see I'm too old for make believe?

Do you know I imagine that Voice of yours, crying out in pleasure, beside my ear?

Have you seen me admiring the grace and strength in your hands?

Would you like to see my record collection?

Did you feel me pull you in to me when I held you?

Do you remember saying, "at our age, what do we have to lose?"

Do you know I was aching and full, two days after I last saw you?

Do you think I don't understand about scars and mutilations?

Do you know I can love you for the rest of your life without staking a claim or forging a chain?

Do you want me?

Do you know I want you?

May I now please kiss the soft spot, behind your ear, on the nape of your neck?

Would you like some more dessert?

May I examine your hand in mine?

Could you please touch me and watch how I respond?

Feel better now?

Want to feel more?