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Thursday, July 08, 2004

no crab!

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Ah, well, it was whole crab, which is a lot of shells for five dollars/lb.

But the shrimp are huge and plump...already ate one! They're rinsed, draining and chilling.

The avacados are in a clear, plastic bag, ripening in the sun.

The cheesy filo cups are made and smell scrumptious.

The steak's thawed.

At about 2pm, I'm going back to Yasmine's for 2 slices of her coconut/custard cake, she's baking especially for me today.

I'm worried about possible thunderstorms, messing up my garlands, but what the hell?

The fountain's ready to assemble. Found my coconut milk; bought pineapple juice & they're both chilling.

Strawberries & cherries are rinsed, stemmed, drained and freezing for the punch bowl.

Table's clean and ready.

Barbeque & stuff are in the back yard.

Bought kerosene for my tiki torches.

Ballons are inflated & hung in the yard, to swell with hot sun.

All I have left: cutting up avacado, placing in cups, tucking in shrimp and topping with cocktail sauce & fat-free sour cream.

Washing up dishes.



Washing can for a present.

Setting table.

Resting tired, sore legs.

Editing session with my advisor.

Barbequing steaks.


Oh, this is great!

Oh, I have to look in my candle basket for wicks for the tiki torches.

This is my THANG, hunny!

hee hee