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Monday, July 26, 2004

labiaplasty needed

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Marci Bowers

This is either the bravest, or craziest, thing I've ever done.

My friend keeps coaxing me to contact this OB/GYN. She does reconstructive plastic surgery on women's genitalia.

I'm afraid. I'm afraid of further nerve damgage, loss of libido, worse pain, mutilation.

I'm also afraid to trust my own experience. What if I wasn't genitally mutilated? What if I'm crazy? I mean, the memory I have had to have occured when I was only 18 months old or so. I remember placements of objects in the room; those objects were only in that configuration after I was 18 mos old. How could I possibly remember something from so long ago?

But there's the pain. The pain is real. The pain isn't right. The pain got me in trouble in school, because I "wouldn't sit still." The pain has cost me jobs. The pain has kept me physically inactive. The pain has interfered with love relationships. The pain is constant and daily.

So, maybe it doesn't matter what I remember, in this case, as much as what I know.

My sexuality, my womanhood, shouldn't hurt me this badly.

So, I've written to this doctor. She's all the way up in Colorado! My friend is SO serious about me getting this done, she's both offered to drive me there and to help me with any expenses. Goddess!

It could take monoths before I even hear from this doctor...

Sent e-mail message

From:(Rogi Riverstone)
Date: Mon, Jul 26, 2004,
Cc: friend
labiaplasty needed

Dr. Bowers,

I have nerve damage to my left, labia minora. The pain is constant: an
irritation, about the magnitude of a sunburn.

During arousal, it's very painful, on the magnitude of a punch in the
nose. The pain radiates along the left side of my outer, vaginal wall
and radiates up the left side shaft of my clitoris.

I can not wear underwear, pants, bathing suits, etc. without discomfort.
I cannot ride a bicycle. I cannot sit on a chair for more than a few
minutes without serious discomfort.

Under certain conditions, walking is painful. So is vaginal penetration,
if the labia folds up and gets carried inside me.

I have been in pain with this condition since I was a very young child.
I'm forty-eight now, and just realizing this pain is not normal or

My friend asked me to contact you about the possibility of a
consultation for corrective surgery. She suggests any time after the
middle of August, as she has volunteered to drive me up there from
Albuquerque. My birthday is August 25th. I am considering her kind
offer as a present.

I realize your schedule is very busy, but could you find any time
squeeze me in?

Thank you,
Rogi Riverstone