Stupid Girls

Saturday, July 10, 2004


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Ah, well, what can I say?

Someone else knows about The Woman In Question.

Fortunately, the man who knows is about the most trustworthy, respectful, kind and quiet person on the face of the earth. And he thinks it's wonderful. He's very happy about it.

Actually, it was quite nice to talk a bit to him.

I need safe places, and he's definately one of them.

I warned the Woman In Question that she might be subject to goofy grins, however.

I do, however, have "the goods" on him, so all's fair! LOL Like I'd need to do THAT!

Well, this isn't Los Angeles. Everybody's only removed by two or three degrees of seperation, here.

In L.A., you can live out your entire life in total anonymity, if you want.

I feel real beams of warmth coming from her now. It's so comforting to me. It's medicine.

Now that she's teaching me who she is, I feel so much more relaxed.

I'm content. I'm happy.

And my friend is happy for me.

So MUCH has changed in less than a year!

It amazes me! It really does!