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Friday, March 30, 2012

feminist misogyny

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It’s Going to Be Awkward When Megan Fox’s Baby Comes Out With Megan Fox’s Old Nose

 This seems very un-feminist, to me. What a woman does with her body is HER BUSINESS. It's the old style of women attacking other women over male privilege, keeping each other in line. The bitchiness of this article is a LOT more like women who bind feet and mutilate genitals of their daughters than it does anything feminist, supportive, sisterly or affirmative of women's body autonomy. It's ugly. It's cruel. It's none of your or our business and it's a waste of everybody's time. I guess this woman is some sort of celebrity, or something, so you're hoping to get clicks off her name? By pandering to the WORST of divide-and-congquer, self-hatred tactics we women have used against each other for centuries, as we vie for male privilege? How does this progress anything?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Poem for Adrienne

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A Poem for Adrienne

March 29, 2012 by · 1 Comment

Another obituary

We were filled with the strong wine
of mutual struggle, one joined loud
and sonorous voice.  We carried
each other along revolting, chanting,
cursing, crafting, making all new.

First Muriel, then Audre and Flo,
now Adrienne.  I feel like a lone
pine remnant of virgin forest
when my peers have met the ax
and I weep ashes.

Yes, young voices are stirring now
the wind is rising, the sea boils
again, yet I feel age sucking
the marrow from my bones,
the loneliness of memory.

Their voices murmur in my inner
ear but never will I hear them
speak new words and no matter
how I cherish what they gave us
I want more, I still want more.

Copyright 2012 Marge Piercy
Photo of (left to right) Audre Lorde, Meridel Le Sueur and Adrienne Rich (who died March 27, at age 82) in 1980, from Wikimedia Commons

Teacher's showgirl persona sparks controversy

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 She has breasts? And legs? Hell, no! We should keep her as far away from children as possible! If we don't, they might grow up thinking their bodies are not something to be ashamed of or feel guilty about! And that would mean the end of religion, politics, conspicuous consumption economies, most forms of therapy and almost every other institution on the planet! MUCH better to have a "recovering" cocaine addict & alcoholic as President of the USA, sending our troops to shock & awe innocent Iraqis for a terrorist act not ONE Iraqi was involved with! Makes me wish I had a kid to send to school in support of a woman who earns her keep through hard, LEGAL work! New Mexico is such a backward, sex-negative, Puritanical place.

One former teacher said her career as a showgirl and dancer forced her out of Santa Fe Public Schools. Would you care if this was your child's teacher?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

good bye, Adrienne Rich

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She's one of my most important role models and inspirations.

Uploaded by on Dec 19, 2011
Adrienne Rich reads her poem Wait

by Adrienne Rich (1929-)

In paradise every
the desert wind is rising
third thought
in hell there are no thoughts
is of earth
sand screams against your government
issued tent hell's noise
in your nostrils crawl
into your ear-shell
wrap yourself in no-thought
wait no place for the little lyric
wedding-ring glint the reason why
on earth
they never told you




Standard YouTube License

''My father was no feminist, believe me,'' said Ms. Rich. ''I see him as the embodiment of patriarchy. But he was interested in the achievements of women in the arts. He gave me books about women writers and women painters, introduced me to Mary Wollstonecraft.
''He taught me to write by giving me passages from Blake, Keats and Longfellow to copy out. It was a natural progression from their words to words of my own.'' 

 JWA (The Jewish
Women's Archive) has a detailed encyclopedia article about her: (This is a
much better resource to link to than Wikipedia.)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A message for the family of Shaima Alawadi

Uploaded by on Mar 25, 2012
I know there is almost no chance you will hear this as I am a small youtuber with a small voice. But I want you to know first that I am sorry for your loss. I know there is nothing I can say to ease your sadness in this time and my heart goes out to your mother who I am certain was a wonderful person. What happened to her was wrong without question and goes to show just how far we have to go as a society.

I understand that in times of grief we struggle to understand why such bad things happen to good people. Usually there are no sufficient answers. But what I ask you to remember is this. We are all trying to figure out the meaning of our existence in this world. Some of search in the seen. Some of us search in the unseen. But I assure you that what happened to your mother wasn't because of a lack of a belief in a God. There have been leaders who believed in a God that have brought great suffering on this world. And there have been leaders who didn't believe in a God who did the same. My message to you is this. Please do not lay blame for this at the feet of atheists like me until you know as many facts as you will find.

If you look, you will see that the fiercest champions of secularism in this society are atheists. Not just because we long to be free from religion but because we know there is no true religious freedom without it; freedom for Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Pagans and Muslims. We are not your enemy. In fact, I humbly ask that once you are able you look for those around you who are crying for tolerance of your beliefs; I assure you, you will find atheists there. We have nothing to gain from this other then the freedom to think freely and decide for ourselves what the meaning of our existence is. Just like you.
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Friday, March 23, 2012

Smokin Slam Olivia Gatwood

Uploaded by on Jan 13, 2012
Olivia Gatwood performs poetry at The Smokin' Slam in Rio Rancho, NM, January 2012.
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Afghan Women's Prisons: Afghan Women's Justice Project-Islamic Women's R...

Uploaded by on May 18, 2011
Women who are raped are accused of adultery and sentenced to prison in Afghanistan. Islamic Sharia law in this region says that only two men are needed to accuse a woman of adultery. Many of these women are raped, forced into marriages, forced to marry their rapist, disobey their husbands and leave home without permission, and if they are caught escaping from this, they are put in prison. Oftentimes their children come with them and don't get their schooling while they are raised in these prisons. The humanitarian journalist Karen Day has collaborated with Marie-Claire magazine to establish the Afghan Women's Justice project which is selling 25.00 dollar tee-shirts to raise 30,000 dollars for literacy tutoring, child education in the prisons, vocational training for the women for when they reenter society, and legal attorneys.
Afghan Women's Justice Project website (with petition, video, stats, and more info):
Article about Karen Day, her story, and the project:
Actual Article that Karen Day wrote about her investigations:
There is also a documentary that was made about Afghan Women's prisons that premiered in Boise:
Women in Afghanistan Attacked for going to school (video):

Other Organizations that Help Women around the World:
Global Fund for Women:
Captive Daughters (trafficking):
Association of Albanian Girls and Women:
Women for Women International:
My video on the Islamic Hijab:

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Wives should stay in abusive marriages

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 From: Caroline XXXX <>
Date: Fri, Mar 23, 2012 at 12:44 PM
Subject: Re: In response to your comment about divorce in case of abuse
To: "Rep.Pridemore" <

You can't even spell "dumbest," so I'm giving you the win, Bill.
On Fri, Mar 23, 2012 at 12:42 PM, Rep.Pridemore < wrote:
Congrats, this IS the dunbest e-mail yet!
Bill Savage
Office of Don Pridemore

From: Caroline XXX []
Sent: Fri 3/23/2012 11:40 AM
To: Rep.Pridemore
Subject: In response to your comment about divorce in case of abuse
Mr. Pridemore -

I would like to make a deal with you.  I propose we live together (I'll even relocate to Wisconsin!) for a year in an abusive relationship.  I'll beat the shit out of you on a regular basis, verbally assault you, make you live in extreme fear, break down any shred of self-worth you might have, all that good stuff.  After 12 months, we can both reevaluate our positions on the issue.

Granted, you don't know me well enough to "love me," thus giving you happy thoughts to call on when I'm beating you violently, but let's see what we can work out.  What do you say?  :)

Caroline Hamric
Arlington, Virginia

Why Native American Women Are Battling for Plan B

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Why Native American Women Are Battling for Plan B

Ute women dancers in Colorado. Ira Block/National Geographic/Getty Images

This is going to sound like a silly question, but bear with me. Why can’t they walk up to the pharmacy counter and get a few doses of Plan B in advance?
To get Plan B from Indian Health Service pharmacies, you still have to see a provider first. You have to get their approval before the pharmacy will release the drug to you. As for commercial pharmacies, oftentimes there are none on the reservation—and keep in mind that some reservations are bigger than some states. Even if there is a commercial pharmacy, you’d have to have a car or hire someone to drive you there, pay $50 for the drugs and find your way back home. That is financially inaccessible for many Native women.

In one part of the report, you talk about how IHS providers had to jump through bureaucratic hoops to serve as forensic witnesses in rape trials. I thought that was another powerful example of the red tape you’re describing now.
Right. Before Tribal Law and Order Act, an IHS provider would have to get an approval from their [local] service unit director, their area director and national headquarters in Rockville, Maryland, to serve as a witness. Often this process would take months; the prosecutor would be ready to go to court but [the delay] led to cases being dropped because [defendants] have a right to a speedy trial. This red tape was denying us Native women our due process. Now, under the law, if an IHS doesn’t hear back from his or her supervisors and headquarters within a certain amount of time, it’s assumed that they’ve been approved. That’s changing the dynamic.
Are women even aware that Plan B should be available to them without a prescription if they are 17 or older?
Many aren’t, which means Indian Health Service isn’t notifying them. Also, in bellweather states like Oklahoma, they’ve gotten a lot of propaganda and inaccurate information. A lot of women have heard through their churches that you don’t take RU-486, the abortion pill, and you don’t take Plan B because it’s also abortive. Anti-choice clergy have convinced the parishoners that Plan B isn’t really a contraceptive.
Is there any way that non-indigenous people can pitch in?
We want the Department of Health and Human Services to mandate all Indian Health Service providers to make Plan B or its generic form available to women age 17 or older over the counter and on demand. This could [also] be accomplished if the head of Indian Health Service, Dr. Yvette Roubideaux, writes out a directive to all service units. Please spread the word and help us create a groundswell around this issue.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

God-des & She - Lick It (UNCENSORED !!!)

It's kinda Pussy 101. Wish they'd taught THIS in college.