Stupid Girls

Saturday, July 31, 2004

I woke up, laughing

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I felt tendrils of angel hair, brushing my shoulder. I felt warm breath on my neck. I heard contented, womanly sighs in my ear. I felt her, pressed against my back and wrapped around me.

She loves me.

This tender, fierce, shy, powerful, organized, goofy woman loves me with her body, her mind, her spirit.

We no longer hesitate. We have no reasons to hold back. We dance like we've always been here, together.

It had to happen.

Even as we passed the barrier point, knowing we are months ahead of plans, we knew we need this joining.

It's completely natural, logical, that we take the last obstacle to partnership and shatter it into twinnkling, shimmering light.

She satisfies me. I'm content so deep in my body. All the frantic pulsing of love has floated down and settled into a vivid peace.

She touches me generously, happily, curiously.

We chatter, giggle, analyse, question.

This is another phase in the project of partnering.

I love to love her I watch her face. I smile and laugh and swoon in the semitrance of Wanting. I pleasure her. I love her. I give her the best of my talent to love. And I watch her open, stretch, reach and gasp for me.

I walk through my time, sleepy eyed and grinning. My hair's a mess I barely manage to keep clothes on.

A memory of her fragrance, her words, her touch, her voice will pierce me during the most mundane efforts and I'm a fool on a cloud.

The prettiest girl in town nuzzles me and chirps for me.

I cradle and tease her. I take her in to me like air, breathing deeply, moaning happily.

I know my body accepts her. I can fall asleep in her arms immediately, without fretting. And I feel like I've always been there.