Stupid Girls

Monday, July 05, 2004


You are reading did it!

I walked Roosevelt Park twice, and climbed the hill to my house, all without stopping!

I have no idea how far I walked. Not too far.

I started from my house at a stroll, to warm up.

The park's downhill from my house, but climbs quickly up another hill.

By the time I got there, apx. 4 blocks, I'd increased my pace, for aerobic effect.

I stayed on grass as much as possible.

Porkchop really liked it.

As I descended the top the first time, saw a hawk on a chain link fence, over looking a football field. That's the only time I slowed, so I wouldn't scare it off.

The park was nearly empty. One homeless guy, sleeping. One guy on a bicycle. One guy walking two dogs.

The second time around, the sun finally cleared the mountains and trees by the time I reached the top.

I wanted to stop for a rest, but I just kept going.

Te hill, up to my house, is steep. But it's only two blocks. But it's San Francisco steep, Pacific Grove steep.

I was breathing loudly, by then. Bet I woke people up!

The whole way around, I coughed up crap out of my lungs. So, by the time I reached that hill, I could breathe deeply, without choking.