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Monday, July 19, 2004

volcano day

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Subject: Volcano Day All headers

Dear ...,

I felt my body today. It wasn't a bit angry with me for hiking. It was
happy: happier than it's been since I was a very young woman.

Even now, hours and a nap later, what I'm feeling isn't pain. It's
something powerful and it's not exactly comfortable. It's beyond
comfortable into something strong and wholesome. My whole body is

Thank you for bringing me with you. I know I slow you down, and you
can't go as far, or as fast, with me as you could alone.

It's in your nature to be generous and patient. So, you're a good
companion to me. You're strong enough to help me, but generous enough to
accomodate me. You let me do things on my own, without bullying. I
wouldn't feel safe up there without you, not right now.

If I keep this up, though, I see a day when I can take Porky and just
go. I wouldn't go without him, either.

I am thinking, though, about taking the bus to places where I can walk,
if not hike. There's the nature preserve; there's Tingley; there's the
foothills where the Central bus quits. I just wish the buses got up as
early as I usually do, in the summer, anyway. Maybe this winter, I can
walk at midday, when it's warmest.

Your influence makes me want to be strong. Consistantly strong, so I can
depend on myself better.

Thank you SO MUCH for taking me to the volcanoes!