Stupid Girls

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

to Judith

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Date: 7/20/2004 13:05:54 -0600
From: (Rogi Riverstone)
To: (Judith)

Subject: Re: Jude : )

Dear Judith,

Hold on to the corn. I think I still have some of Marianna's seed. I
won't plant again 'til next year, and then I'll know if I need it.

Wrote this last night & this morning:
Angel Hair

I'm so in love with her, I can't see straight. Like I ever could.

The "Judith" blog post was SORT OF a reply to your letter. I never got
the nerve to open the dang thing. It's still sitting on my bedside
shelf, waiting.

She had to teach me some computer stuff yesterday. Someone else was sitting right there. She kept teasing me, bullying
me, making excuses to touch me and tangle her arms in mine at the
keyboard. All the time, she looked at me out of the corner of her jade
blue eyes with the most wicked smirk. Her grinning mouth was four inches
from mine and I was out of my mind for an hour and a half. I still don't
know if I learned what she was teaching me!

She's wicked powerful, that one.

And I won't kiss her 'til I get these damned teeth fixed! MOAN!

So, I'm trying to hone in on a focus for a script for "This American

But all I can do is lay here in the muggy heat, daydreaming about
that woman's hair!

Thank you,

Rogi Riverstone