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Friday, July 29, 2011

film: "P"

Jaturaphut was hired 3hrs before filming began, after the previous lead quit. Mom worked 3 jobs to keep her daughter out of The Life. She wanted to help by becoming an actress. Dark skinned, not tall, with no pro connections or training, no chance. Auditioned for P, signed for small part, thought too young to carry the lead. Paul Spurrier (PS) coached her; native talent is hers. Net chatter says: a very accurate portrayal of The Life in Bangkok, and of village life. Respectful of the cultural traditions of Thai magic and spirits: daily Thai life. Many Thai viewers see the film as almost documentary in depictions of both The Life and of Phii Bawp possession. Metaphor for drug addiction: beautiful child trains herself to be someone she is not, in order to earn money, by means available, not strong enough to resist victimization by the evil she allows in body. PS hired actors via open call, the go go bars: never through the cartel of agents, managers & movie houses in Thailand. Some actors are real prostitutes. It moves me deeply. PS shows tremendous respect for women in poverty, for The Life, for the cultural traditions of Thailand. It nearly ruined Spurrier financially; US distributors were not interested. PS plays the owner of the bar in this. Yes, that guy: gentle smile and predatory eyes. Editing in this: the first car ride from the bus station, the dancing sequences, city life. Music is haunting: most composed by PS with no formal training. No vanity film, in traditional sense. PS did so much because there was nobody else. He risked everything for a film that could have sat on a shelf, without distribution. Thai audiences love it. Our lead actress? She gave every baht she earned to her sick mom, to pay for hospital care. This film is a miracle. Visit the web sites and see. I swore I would never give horror more than 3*s.  Rogi Riverstone

Written by Paul Spurrier

¸¸.☆.¸¸★¸¸.☆.¸¸★ "P" ★¸¸.☆.¸¸★¸¸.☆.¸¸

English Subbed

Whilst growing up in rural Thailand, a young orphan girl is taught the ways of magic by her Grandmother. Along with teaching Dau the magic that has been deeply rooted into their veins, her Grandmother also teaches Dau the RULES & RESPONSIBILITIES That come with that knowledge.
Later, Dau's Grandmother falls sick, & in order to make money for the medicine her Grandmother needs, Dau is lured to Bangkok. She finds herself working in a go-go bar, and her journey from naiveté to maturity is swift. She uses the magical skills her grandmother taught her to her advantage, but in doing so makes enemies within the bar. As her magic gets darker, and the consequences increasingly horrific, she gradually loses control as something evil takes over....

Watch Here:​rfuyltgyklt


Music from the film
A selection of original music from the soundtrack in downloadable MP3 format.
Tracks are stereo, and if played through a surround decoder will play in surround.
All tracks:
Composed by Paul Spurrier
Produced, Arranged and Performed by Jack C. Arnold
Music Supervised by Nick Elphinstone
Mixed by Tim Beale at Hitso Digital, Bangkok
Produced using the Vienna Symphonic Library
Surround encoding by Circle Surround
All tracks © Creative Films Siam Ltd. 2005
Tracks are supplied for personal listening only. They may not be distributed, duplicated, replicated or played publicly without permission of the copyright holder.
1 - Opening
2 - Titles
3 - Dau Grows Up
4 - Dau in the Village
5 - Dau Leaves the Village
6 - The Big City
7 - Deflowering
8 - Back To Pookie's Room
9 - What Martin Did
10 - Revenge on Martin
11 - Dau and Pookie at Home
12 - After the Fall
13 - Raw Meat
14 - Ghost at Play
15 - The Slums
16 - The Witchdoctor
17 - Pookie Gets Serious
18 - Waiting for Morning
19 - Dau Is Feeling Better
20 - Death of a Friend
21 - Climax


Thursday, July 28, 2011

film: Ghost of Mae Nak

this photo: Mae Nak's actual shrine

There's something organic about Thai stories that I find lacking in other Asian horror. Thai people still live with their ghosts and spirits; it's part of every day life, not some relic of the past. This makes the stories poignant, venerable, deeply rooted in ancient traditions I can barely fathom, but which I love to observe and ponder. I looked up Mae Nak before I watched this. She is greatly loved and honored. Even though I will never fully understand Thai traditions, I respect them. Thai "horror" is more innocent than the cynicism of Japanese, the wry social humor of Korean or the subliminal social commentaries of Chinese.With This is a story of undying love so strong, it surpasses death.This is a rich and loving look into the ways Thai people walk with their dead. This is pure loyalty and the heartbreak of separation. The locations are delicious; Bannock becomes another character in the film. The comic relief of the bad guys, Tick and Tock, is very funny and reminded me of Cheech and Chong. It's not superb acting or script or anything (well, the film score was quite fine); the special effects are limited, a tad cheesy and not dazzlingly expensive. What makes this movie so good is that it has heart, real personality and respect for its own cultural traditions. These qualities are rare in film today. Oh, there's sloppy sentimentality in modern film: manipulation of the audience, sure; that sells tickets. What this film has, which is so rare and valuable but so seldom recognized in the film industry as worthy these days, what this film has is sincerity. And the ending is a kick in the pants!! Enjoy the ride! Rogi Riverstone


Ghost of Mae Nak

Shrine to Mae Nak at Wat Mahabut on Sukhumvit Soi 77 in Suan Luang district, Bangkok.
The story of Mae Nak Phra Khanong is famous and a favorite among Thai people. There is a shrine dedicated to her at Wat Mahabut on Sukhumvit Soi 77 (On Nut) in Bangkok's Suan Luang (formerly Phra Khanong) district.
The tale has been depicted on film numerous times since the silent era, with one of the most famous being Mae Nak Pra Kanong in 1958. A 1999 version, Nang Nak, by Nonzee Nimibutr, gained worldwide acclaim as part of the "Thai New Wave" cinema movement. There also is an opera, Mae Naak, by Thai composer Somtow Sucharitkul.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


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It takes 7 seconds for food to pass from mouth to stomach. A human hair can hold 3kg. The length of a penis is 3 times the length of the thumb. The femur is as hard as concrete. A woman's heart beats faster then a man's. Women blink 2x as much as men. We use 300 muscles just to keep our balance when we stand. The woman has read this entire text. The man is still looking at his thumb.
Thanks, Patricia!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Whispering Corridors 3: Wishing Stairs

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Why is it a fox? The "nine-tailed" fox (gumiho) is the trickster spirit being in Korea, imported from the Japanese. Unfortunately, with time in Korea, most of its charming and endearing qualities were erased. What is left is a malevolent being of extraordinary intelligence: a shape-shifter who tricks people in order to eat their hearts, its only food. It's either that, or dig them up out of graves. The gumiho frequently transforms herself (she is generally thought of as feminine: the embodiment of "dangerous" female sexuality) into a beautiful, young girl. So, I'm thinking this is not really a ghost story, but a new folk tale of gumiho, tricking young girls out of their hearts (metaphorically). Now, back in the very, very old days, gumiho was benevolent to people. In fact, it was often evil people who were, as with Brer Rabbit, Coyote and Jack (in the bean stalk) trying to cheat gumiho, but by either guile, sheer luck or a resourceful and quick mind, she persevered in the end. I would have liked the film much better with the old, forgotten gumiho; this bogey woman was awfully tame, predictable and rather pointless, under the circumstances.The children acted their parts quite well. I enjoyed the art. The musical score was fair. But I saw this just after watching MOMENTO MORI, so this was a let down. It's pretty superficial, given the potentially powerful subject matter. But it was very popular at the Korean box office, which is not discouraging. I'm thrilled Korean horror offers such juicy roles for female leads. If Hollywood would take the hint, I'd watch more US movies. The fat suit jokes were cruel and gratuitous; I'd have enjoyed it much more without that. Now, I want to see the other (at least) 2 WHISPERING CORRIDORS films! And everything this director has made! Rogi Riverstone

Korean Lesban film: "Memento Mori"

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An Interview with Yun Jae-yeon


Many female directors are already working, or have debuted in recent years. They have made inroads into what had traditionally been considered a man's job. Have you recognized any visible changes in recent years in this regard?

Well, I am not sure about the visible changes in terms of reflecting "women's perspective." However, it is a good thing that people's standard image of a "film director" is breaking down due to the greater participation of women.

I am a pretty recent graduate from KNUA and when I was studying cinema in the school, I was still one of the numerical minority. Now, I think about the half of the class in KNUA are women. So there has been a change. But I think the increase in the number of women filmmakers should be understood in the larger context of the greater diversification of voices in Korean cinema.

Film director is in many ways a position with a lot of authority. In that sense, wouldn't more women directors, or producers for that matter, working in Korean cinema bring about changes in the way Korean films are made?

Well, there are certainly more women directors and producers now, but...

Wouldn't that lead to, for instance, making films that would have been shot down by male directors or producers some years ago?

I am sure there are cases like that. From my own perspective, I like being a woman. But it can be somewhat burdensome when all others see in me is that I am a woman filmmaker. Now, it is true that women filmmakers are inevitably involved in the big social changes in South Korea that are clearly bringing about the upswing of women's status.

I still think, though, the most important issue is diversity. I think true empowerment comes when we recognize that we have multiple voices, and try not to pigeonhole one another into easily identifiable categories.

This is a fan video.

Whispering Corridors 2: Memento Mori

(Yeogo Goedam II)

Sexual abuse by teachers, bullying, gossip, prejudice, humiliation: it is a miracle that any girl, anywhere, any time grows to adulthood not hating herself, not full of fear, shame and paranoia. The cinematography is delicious and I cannot say enough about this film's score. What beautiful, poignant, eery, heart breaking and heart stopping music! The art in the diary is an intricate, complex blend of genius and juvenile. The child actors were fabulous. The script is honest, like it was written by an adolescent girl in the throes of her first, passionate love affair with another woman, but disciplined, attentive and concentrated in a way only an adult with true compassion could write. If I look at the "ghost" business as metaphor, rather than reality, I see a fierce, betrayed child, vengefully watching as her "peers" experience the panic, shock, terror, pain and grief of living, as she has, in a universe of cruelty, danger and hate. Part of me wishes I had ever been loved so intensely; part of me is grateful I have not. This belongs in the "Gay and Lesbian" section at Netsux, not in horror. Koreans make some of the most intimate, moving, thought-provoking films through the genre of "horror:" tackling subjects for which they probably couldn't get funding in any other genre. "Ab-Normal Beauty" is another Lesbian themed, Korean horror with brilliance, but resorts to the old cliche that Lesbians are just damaged man-haters. This story is true Lesbianism: Women loving women. The horror here is the hatred and abuse the endure from the world around them. I recommend and I WILL watch again! Rogi Riverstone

Tonight's feature Presentation is from the Whispering Corridors Series..

The 2nd Movie in the series, and the title is called
"Memento Mori"
-aka- "여고괴담 두번째 이야" - aka - " Yeogogoedam dubeujjae iyagi"
South Korean Horror film.

**Memento mori is a Latin phrase translated as "Remember your mortality" or "Remember you will die" - ("literally "remember to die")

The film revolves around the relationship between two high school students, Yoo Shi-Eun (Lee Young-jin) and Min Hyo-Shin (Park Ye-jin). As the two girls become romantically involved, their taboo friendship causes them to be marginalized by the other students. Unable to cope with the social pressures of having a lover of the same gender, Shi-Eun tries to distance herself from the increasingly dependent Hyo-Shin. Hyo-Shin reacts poorly to Shi-Eun's changed attitude, viewing it as both a betrayal and rejection. . .Let The Games Begin . . .




Gay Barbarian Horde Glitters Bachmann Clinic

Uploaded by on Jul 21, 2011
Join the Horde!

Today a horde of gay barbarians descended upon Michele and Marcus Bachmann's "pray away the gay" clinic and demanded that Marcus come out and discipline them for their "deviant" behavior.

Marcus Bachmann, who conducts "reparative therapy" at the clinic intended to convert homosexuals, has said that gays are "barbarians who need to be disciplined."  The horde requested to speak directly with Bachmann and experience some "discipline" for themselves.

When Marcus was no where to be found, the barbarians glittered the empty waiting room and reception area while chanting, "You can't pray away the gay -- baby, I was born this way!"

The action was organized by the same young man who threw glitter on Newt Gingrich, starting a national trend in political protest of anti-LGBT sentiments from political candidates and campaigns.

"Michele and Marcus Bachmann think gay people are barbarians?" asked LGBT activist Nick Espinosa. "I think its clear to everyone who the real barbarians are, based on the Bachmanns' archaic views on LGBT equality."

A Controversial Past:
Michele Bachmann has a long history of controversial anti-gay politics, and has compared the gay lifestyle to "bondage and slavery." In 2005, she was infamously caught lurking in the bushes during an LGBT rally. That same year, she attempted to file a police report when two constituents -- a lesbian and an ex-nun -- tried to talk with her about marriage equality following a townhall event. The police department refused to file a report, citing that she was in no danger.

Her anti-gay views have been a focal point of her career as a politician, but lately she has shied away from reporters' questions about her controversial comments and taxpayer-funded "reparative therapy" clinic. While Michele Bachmann has long railed against federal safety net programs like Medicaid, the Bachmann & Associates clinic has received over $137,000 in Medicaid funds and over $27,000 in other state and federal funds. [1]

Last week an undercover investigation confirmed that the Bachman's clinic is, to this very day, providing discredited "ex-gay" reparative therapy. [2]

For years the scientific and medical communities, including groups like the American Psychology Association, have dismissed "reparative therapy" (also known as "conversion therapy" or "ex-gay therapy") as dangerous and unethical. [3]

"Its time for Michele Bachmann to stop running away and to take responsibility for her destructive clinic. She, of all people ,should not be abusing medicare and wasting taxpayer dollars to practice quack science that endangers her patients," Espinosa said.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

John Benefiel: Homosexuality A Plot By Illuminati For Population Control

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WHY are MY tax dollars PAYING for THIS???? 
I hope the Unitarian Universalists and all faiths other than xian come out against this, too. We need a massive protest, if the meeting continues.

John Benefiel, an endorser of Gov. Rick Perry's "The Response" prayer rally, says homosexuality is plot by the Illuminati to limit the size of the global population.

Rick Perry and Friends: Meet The Supporters Of The Governor's Prayer Rally

Uploaded by on Jul 11, 2011
A look at just whom Gov. Rick Perry is partnering with for his massive public prayer rally in Texas in August.

Crooks and Liars

Rick Perry's Upcoming Prayer Rally Loaded With Radical Right Wing Preachers

Rachel Maddow took us through part of the list of those attending Rick Perry's big prayer rally, The Response, which is coming up on August 6th in Houston Texas. And as she noted, Right Wing Watch has done a great job of documenting some of these extreme right-wing radical preachers who are attending the event, and you can read more about that in these posts and more at their site.
Here's a portion of some of their reporting on the rally and there are many more there at the site, but these are some of their most recent posts. Rachel showed a sampling of some of the videos they have available and you can watch the longer versions at Right Wing Watch as well if you've got the stomach for it.
Rick Perry Partners With 'Apostle' Who Thinks The Statue Of Liberty Is A 'Demonic Idol':
As we've been reporting on Right Wing Watch, Texas Governor Rick Perry is working a number of radical preachers to plan his upcoming Christians-only prayer rally. Perry's partners in the event include extremists who believe that tolerance for homosexuality caused the September 11th attacks, Oprah Winfrey is the harbinger of the Antichrist, the deadly Japanese earthquake was caused by the country’s Emperor having sex with a demon, the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell caused bird deaths in Arkansas and violence should be considered to overthrow President Obama, among many other extreme beliefs.
One self-described ‘Apostle’ who has signed on as an official endorser to Perry's The Response prayer rally is John Benefiel of the Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network, a group affiliated with the New Apostolic Reformation with ties to other The Response endorsers including Cindy Jacobs, C. Peter Wagner and Jay Swallow. In a sermon last August, Benefiel argued that America is under a curse from God because the country possesses monuments to pagan idols and that Americans needs to renounce those idols if not destroy them. Benefiel claims that the Statue of Liberty is in fact a “demonic idol” because it represents a “false goddess.”
Perry Prayer Rally Endorser Says "Spiritual Pollution" Is Making You Sick:
As we continue to research the leaders who have signed on as public endorsers of Gov. Rick Perry's "The Response" prayer rally, we just keep finding good stuff. And we can now add Alice Smith to the list, based on this appearance with Benny Hinn where she promoted the need for "spiritual housecleaning" [...]
As Smith explained, cursed items - which can include everything from shirts to rings - have a "spiritual umbilical cord" that attaches to you and gives demonic spirits the ability to plague you with sickness and fill your home with "spiritual pollution":
Rick Perry Partner John Benefiel Claims Homosexuality Is An Illuminati Conspiracy:
Earlier today we posted video of “Apostle” John Benefiel, an official endorser of Rick Perry’s The Response prayer rally, arguing that the Statue of Liberty is a “demonic idol” used for pagan worship. In the same sermon, Benefiel claims that homosexuality is a plot by the Illuminati to “control the population.” He says that the Illuminati intend to reduce the world population to just 500 million people and that, along with the recently passed health care reform law, the secretive group will use homosexuality as a “perverted way” to bring about “a death culture” and population control.
Benefiel also insists that homosexuality is a “stronghold” of the “demon god” Baal.
Hagee: President Obama Is A Dictator:
In an interview on the Daystar show Celebration, John Hagee of the Cornerstone Church said that President Obama is a “dictator” for his actions in Libya. Hagee, a leader in the Religious Right who is involved in organizing Texas Governor Rick Perry’s The Response prayer rally, has previously claimed that Adolf Hitler was a “hunter” sent by God to hunt Jews. “You want to talk about how absolutely insane our government is right now, we are in Libya, the President is in violation of the War Powers Act, he can only stay there 90 days at his word, we’re beyond that,” Hagee said, “Congressmen are suing him trying to get him to stop. This is the actual work, if you will, of a dictator:”

Lawsuit filed to halt Gov. Perry's association with sectarian prayer rally

On Wednesday, July 13, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a Madison, Wisconsin-based church/state watchdog group filed a lawsuit in the Southern District Court of Texas to block Gov. Rick Perry's continued association with "The Response" prayer rally scheduled to take place August 6 at Houston's Reliant Stadium. The suit, brought on behalf of the FFRF's 700 Texas members, alleges that Perry's actions as governor give “official recognition” to a devotional event, endorse religion, have no secular rationale, and seek to encourage citizens to pray and nonChristians to convert to Christianity.
These actions violate the Establishment Clause by “giving the appearance that the government prefers evangelical Christian religious beliefs over other religious beliefs and non-beliefs, including by aligning and partnering with the American Family Association, a virulent, discriminatory and evangelical Christian organization known for its intolerance.” (from the FFRF news release)
From the lawsuit (pdf):
The defendant, Governor Rick Perry, is the Governor of the State of Texas and he is sued on the basis of actions that he has taken and is imminently going to take as Governor, including the issuance of an official proclamation that bears the State Seal of the State of Texas and public appeals to participate in the August 6 prayer rally.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Rebecca and the Elevator

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My comment to her post:
I'm sorry you're getting so much flack for this. Sure peeled the veneer of civility off the arrogant brutes in atheism who are simple posers: masking their own insecurities by bullying others, whether over religion, gender, race or whatever "difference" they see in other as "inferior." You're right. I see the sexism every day in the pseudo-intellectual "community," be it scientific, liberal, atheist . . . A woman's place in the movement is still prone. Not.
A woman is in a locked, confined space with a stranger, very early in the morning. She feels uncomfortable with his invitations for coffee. Perhaps none of this would have happened had the man understood her sense of confinement and just waited until the elevator had opened before offering his invitation. It doesn't hurt to take others' life experiences into consideration. Everybody knows women get raped more than men do. Why not take that into consideration in this situation? just saying.

look at all the misogynistic comments on this: feminist = man-hater, men are disposable, women only marry for money . . . it's all just an excuse to bash women now.

The following comments were posted by someone calling himself "Richard Dawkins." Of course, I have no idea whether or not it is he. To make a comment like this in his name is crude and disrespectful, not simply to Ms. Watson, but to the "Muslima" woman described. I HAVE mutilated genitals. For you to exploit the suffering of millions of women, all over the globe, for the gratuitous purpose of ridiculing Ms. Watson ridicules ALL women, especially the "Muslimas" you've described!

That's not humor; that's sadism. And, because it's sadism against women, it's misogyny. Period.

The "Dawkins" comment:

Dear Muslima

Stop whining, will you. Yes, yes, I know you had your genitals mutilated with a razor blade, and . . . yawn . . . don't tell me yet again, I know you aren't allowed to drive a car, and you can't leave the house without a male relative, and your husband is allowed to beat you, and you'll be stoned to death if you commit adultery. But stop whining, will you. Think of the suffering your poor American sisters have to put up with.

Only this week I heard of one, she calls herself Skep"chick", and do you know what happened to her? A man in a hotel elevator invited her back to his room for coffee. I am not exaggerating. He really did. He invited her back to his room for coffee. Of course she said no, and of course he didn't lay a finger on her, but even so . . .

And you, Muslima, think you have misogyny to complain about! For goodness sake grow up, or at least grow a thicker skin.

Double Dutch: Shoud be an Olympic sport!

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Double Dutch is a varsity sport in New York City high schools!

It dates back to classical Egyptian rope-twisters, who had to be nimble, lithe and quick, and probably turned it into a competitive sport.

Wanna have some fun?

Malcolm McLaren - Double Dutch 

Double Dutch Holiday Classic

In the contest at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, teams competed to see who could make the most jumps in two minutes and performed routines to music.


Uploaded by on Sep 17, 2007
The Double Dutch Divas appear every Sunday at 7 pm from the beginning of July thru the 2-3rd week of September. Located just yards downtown beside the skater's circle in Central Park, right beside the skater's after-party.


Double Dutch a sport in which one person jumps rope with two ropes and one or more people jumping simultaneously.

Playing Double Dutch involves at least three people total: one or more jumping and two turning the ropes. A person jumping usually does tricks that may involve gymnastics or breakdancing, it can also have fancy foot movements incorporated. Young people, including many boys, do this for fitness and it is competed at world level. Competitions in double-dutch were often seen at block parties.

During the very early years of hip hop culture, double-dutch was an element of the culture (popularized in the song Double Dutch Bus). After hip hop began moving towards the mainstream in the early 1980s, double-dutch fell out of favor as a recognized element of hip hop, although it remains popular with athletes to this day.

Double Dutch Bus was a 1981 funk song by Frankie Smith, made famous for its extensive use of the "izz" infix form of slang. The song title represents a portmanteau of two institutions in Smith's Philadelphia neighborhood: the double dutch game of jump rope played by neighborhood kids, and the SEPTA bus system that was a backbone of the local transportation network (and for which Smith had unsuccessfully applied for a bus driving position). Smith persuaded contacts at WMOT Records to finance the song, and it was recorded in summer 1981, engineered by Gene Leone. The song rocketed to popularity in a matter of weeks, landing on the Billboard Top 40 charts on July 11, 1981.

The language that they use to speak in, is often used by rapper Snoop Dog, and has been referred to as "Double Dutch". Speaking Double Dutch would be to add "izz" or "illz" to the middle of words. Thus the phrase "We all play Double Dutch" becomes "Willze aillzll plizzay Dizzouble Dizzutch" in the song.
This song was famously sampled in Missy Elliot's 2003 single "Gossip Folks."


The Dutch settlers brought the game to the Hudson River trading town of New Amsterdam (now New York City). When the English arrived and saw the children playing their game, they called it Double Dutch. The game has since grown over the years, particularly in urban areas. It became a favorite pastime to sing rhymes while turning and jumping. During World War II, the game was often played on the sidewalks of New York. By the late 1950s the radio music boom dominated urban America and the lack of recreational areas in close proximity to apartment buildings had made the game nearly extinct.

In 1973, David A. Walker, then a New York City Police Community Affairs Detective, joined by his partner Detective Ulysses Williams, developed the street game of Double Dutch into the World Class Sport that it is today. With the assistance of the physical education instructors at IS 10, Walker and Williams revitalized the game by developing it into a competitive team sport. On February 14, 1974, the first Double Dutch tournament was held with nearly 600 fifth, sixth, seventh and eight grade students participating.

Double Dutch Basics 

Uploaded by on Jun 25, 2010
Learn the basics of Double Dutch Jump Rope from Stan's Pepper Steppers! We'll show you how to turn the ropes and how to get started jumping. You'll be jumping in no time!

Wicked Double Dutch Skills
The only thing I know about jump roping is that I can't do it that well. But all of these people appear to have the concept firmly grasped.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Walking Home

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Walking Home

This happened a lot to me, 30 plus years ago. Now, I'm mocked, heckled and ridiculed because I do NOT look sexy. When will this crap change?
Uploaded by on Sep 17, 2009
This is an experimental piece about women ritually facing street harassment as they walk home. Shot in Brooklyn and Philadelphia, it mixes 16mm film, video, poetry and music in an effort to honor and reclaim our voice, name and humanity in the public sphere. This is for the walkers, talkers and those who say nothing.

A Third World Newsreel Workshop Production
in collaboration with Messages in Motion
Directed by Nuala Cabral

Girl Gets Revenge on Construction Workers

Uploaded by on Jun 6, 2008
Girl Gets Revenge on Construction Workers. It`s payback time for all the catcalls this girl has had to endure.

On nagging – its causes and (herbal) remedies

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On nagging – its causes and (herbal) remedies

yeah, the problem isn't privileged, self-absorbed men who can't be bothered to remember such trivial things as equal participation in household responsibilities. The problem is women; we need to be doped up on homeopathic happy pills so we just don't give a damn that the trash is piled up in the kitchen, the diapers need changing and the lawn hasn't been watered in six months. It's all our fault.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

The Maid

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Trailer provided by Video Detective

At first, I thought this was a bad movie. Too much startle noise and music, to force a reaction. And the Chinese have an annoying tradition of and proclivity for crashing, screeching sound. It's the main reason I avoid Chinese opera, theater and festivals.

But I soon got over that, realizing the audio engineering was actually a very sophisticated sound poem, so I forgave it for being forced to pander to convention occasionally. For the most part, the audio in this is quite creative.

By the end of the film, I was in genuine tears. What children must endure at the hands of adults, what foreign workers must endure at the hands of employers . . . it is heart breaking.

This film is, whether accidentally or consciously, a feminist statement. It is profound and moving.

I very much appreciate the locations, interiors and authenticity of immersion in a cultural experience where ghosts are as much a part of everyday life as such other sneaky pests as scorpions.

When one looks past the ghost story, one sees it as metaphor: the girl's trauma and disorientation are visceral, alien, menacing and deeply touching.

"The Maid" is a sterling example of why I love the genre of Asian horror so much.

The Maid (2005)

Kelvin Tong

Kelvin Tong

Alessandra de Rossi, Huifang Hong and Benny Soh

Plot Summary for
The Maid (2005) More at IMDbPro »
"Every year, for thirty days during the lunar seventh month, the Chinese believe that the gates of hell are thrown open. Vengeful spirits or hungry ghosts wander among the living, seeking revenge and justice before the gates of hell are closed again for another year." The eighteen years old Rosa Dimaano arrives in Singapore from Philippines to give support to her family working as a maid in the house of the artists of a Chinese opera troupe Mr. and Mrs. Teo on the first day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar. She is welcomed by the family and introduced to their friends and their retarded son Ah-Soon. Later, Mrs. Teo advises her about their beliefs and how the dead should be respected and honored along the seventh month. However, Rosa sweeps their offer on the sidewalk breaking a basic rule and offending the spirits, and she is haunted by ghosts everywhere. When Ah-Soon calls her Esther Santos and she finds some belongings of the unknown Esther in the house, she discloses a dark and scary secret about the past of her masters. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Alone for the first time and away from her family in rural Philippines, Rosa Dimaano arrives in the cosmopolitan city state of Singapore to work as a maid. Her employers Mr and Mrs Teo runs a Chinese Teochew dialect opera troupe takes well to their new domestic help. So do their mentally disabled son, Ah Soon. In Chinese superstition, the seventh month of the lunar calendar is regarded as the month when the gates of hell open for forsaken spirits to walk the earth for 30 days. Unknown to Rosa, she arrives on the eve and her hell is about to begin. Written by Janice Ian
During the Chinese Seventh Month, the gates of hell open and spirits are let loose upon an unsuspecting world. For 30 days, the dead walk among the living. To protect themselves, mortals devise rules. For Rosa Dimaano, all those are just a bunch of old wives' tales. Hailing from a small village in the Philippines, the 18-year-old arrives in Singapore on the first day of the Seventh Month to work as a domestic maid. She urgently needs money to save her sick brother back in the Philippines and ghosts are the last things on her mind. Happily for Rosa, life in Singapore cannot be rosier. Her employers, the elderly and gentle Mr and Mrs Teo, are a godsend, caring for her as if she was their own daughter. Their mentally-handicapped son Ah Soon also takes to Rosa immediately. Between cleaning house and helping the Teos with their work at the Chinese opera, Rosa is blissfully happy....until things start going wrong. Glimpsing strange apparitions at night, Rosa soon finds herself tumbling into the world of the dead. Unknown to the innocent girl, she had unwittingly broken many rules on the first few days of the Seventh Month. As the festivities reach a fever pitch in Singapore, Rosa's life turns into a nightmare. A mutilated boy haunts her. A faceless woman appears. Rosa feels as if she is losing her mind. Her employers urge her to bear with the sightings. But Rosa is uncertain. Someone somewhere seems to be trying to reach out to her. To keep her job, the poor girl has to stifle her screams and fear. To save her brother, she must survive the terrors of the Chinese Seventh Month. Written by Anonymous