Stupid Girls

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

at the station

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I threw up, on my way to the station.

I knew I couldn't call about dental from here; I had things to do there, anyway, so I just called from there.

R loaned me her glasses, so I could see the phone number. I forgot mine.

Then, T gave me 2 CDs to burn that ancient tape on to and said I could use Studio C until 11 am.

I repaired the tape, again using R's glasses.

M gave me an unnecessary cassette that had screws. The one the tape was in was glued; I had to break the case apart with my pocket knife. And its felt pad was disintigrating, anyway.

K loaned me a screwdriver.

D loaned me his adhesive tape, for the repairs.

I found a razor blade and went to work.

I didn't have time to dub the tape, but it's in a new case now, repaired, with new labels T gave me, written in permanent, ultrafine Sharpy, given to me by L.

Then I had my appointment with C. I asked if I could do news broadcasts for Women's Focus.

That way, I would still have access to: studios for recording, long distance telephoning, etc.--even though I'm banned from the Newsroom.

C said YES! I now have full access to the station again! I ca produce stuff there for KUNM, and sell it elsewhere!

I told the people who mattered about the incest, about this struggle to repair my teeth and clear the warrant, etc.

Another person's going to help me with the warrant. The person has access to people at the courthouse.

I stopped for a sausage sandwich at Yasmine's Middle Eastern place.

I'm home, fed, nude, cool, drinking a soda.

When I went back into R's office, to return her glasses, I said, "you're now looking at the first and only reporter for Women's Focus!" She absolutely beamed at me! She said it's good; and I'll be doing IMPORTANT stories now, anyway! She then went on to suggest another place in the program schedule where my services could be useful.

So, all the people for whom I hold respect chipped in today and helped me repair the ONLY performance I ever gave of the ONLY song I ever wrote!

Yes, I'm scared about the dental. The appt. is scheduled for July 15th! I would have thought I'd have more time to either prepare, or dread it.

It's at eight in the morning.

I'm terrified.

But it's only fear.

They won't do anything that day, anyway, besides exrays and a prescription for antibiotics.

Now, I'm going to sleep.

I am thoroughly exhausted.

But I feel strong and centered and absolutely right about what I'm doing.

I sang old feminist songs the whole way home.

As I waited for my sandwich, a man walking by said, "Hi. You're really beautiful."

And I thanked him, twice!