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Friday, July 02, 2004

loving women

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It's the hardest, best work there is.

Women are fierce, wild. They know their damage.

But they often don't know their beauty.

To love a Wild Thing takes patience, persistance, gentleness, firmness. It's art. It's spiritual.

To love a woman takes consistant willingness.

It's not about your ego. It's not about her ego.

It's the twining of spirits in mutual collaboration.

Every metaphor about Creation skims the surface of what it is to love a woman: composing music, cooking, birthing, writing...

It is a process.

Seduction has little to do with it. That's for later, once the trust is established and the bonds built. Seduction is recreational.

Deliberate attention: to one's self, to her, to the Universe whose hum becomes audible in the process.

Loving a woman is the hardest work there is.

Loving a woman is the greatest Gift of Life.

I never thought I'd be strong enough, complete enough, healthy enough again to do this work.

I come to it willingly, without hesitation.

Love is my Purpose.

Loving a woman puts me closest to the Center of my Purpose as I can ever get in mortal form.

Lesbian? Bisexual? Who cares?

It is sacred. It is honor. It is courage.

I love a woman.

I am Home.