Stupid Girls

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

physician, heal thyself

You are reading Phil has lost his mind, apparantly.

I went to his website today, looking to see what happened to a VERY abusive couple who torture their children. I think they ought to have called the police and had them arrested, based on the torture I saw in home video tape. I was curios about any follow up.

Then, I saw a question, apparantly a topic for a future show. I was dumbfounded, so I clicked on it.

Under the flash caption, "Be On The Show," they had form fields one could fill about the following "questions:"

be on the show

Are You a Lesbian Who Hates Men? Are you a lesbian who's mad at the world for everything people have done to you? Are you a self-proclaimed bitch who will argue with anyone? Do you know you have anger issues but don't know how to control yourself? Tell us your story.

This is what I wrote:

A "bitch" is a female dog: she is protective of those she loves. She will attack when provoked.

Lesbians don't hate men; they love women. The worst "man-haters" I've ever met were all heterosexual women or gay men: familiarity breeds contempt.

Many Lesbians and pansexual women fear men, just as many men (hetero or not) and almost all hetero women do. Men are only encouraged, in this society, to express 2 emotions: aggression and sexual arousal.

Any man we meet on the street is a potential rapist. Men are, statistically, more likely to commit violent crimes. Male heterosexuals commit most of the incest and child rape.

We don't hate men. Men hate themselves. We FEAR men.

But we aren't sexual with women because of MEN. Men are irrelevent to our love lives. We love women.

Why do you find it necessary to frame this argument this way? Why are you associating woman loving with man hating? Does everything have to center around men, including women who love women? Do you feel threatened by women who don't need you?

Why are you calling Lesbians bitches? Why do you seem to think we are "out of control?" Is it because we're out of YOUR control? Is that so important to you?

I can go months without thinking anything of consequence about any man. Do you see that as threatening: that you're just not that important to me?

Do you frame questions to Black people the way you've framed this series of questions to Lesbians? Do you use racial stereotyping to try to provoke something "worthy" of ratings? Do you do this with the disabled?

Then, why are you using stereotypes that were never true, and that were addressed by the Queer Liberation Movement more than 30 years ago?

Are you insecure in your own sexuality? Do you feel the need to abuse those who aren't like you, in order to force them to either conform to your comfort zone, or, otherwise, alienate them into disappearing from your field-of-vision?

How can you help heal the human mind, while being so blatantly unhealthy?