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Monday, May 31, 2010

MOVIE: "For Roseanna (Roseanna's Grave)"

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Silly Americans! This is an homage to Fellini! Of COURSE, there are bad, Italian accents! Have we ever SEEN a Fellini film, made for distribution in the states? Fellini, himself, did some of the voice over work in his films! Your FIRST clue should have been the circus folk, then the angel on a bicycle, then the clown posters and on and on! These weren't even heavy accents! I am beginning to think we live in a world now where media are so narrow cast, people can go through life never hearing another dialect! I have even read reviews at NetFlix where viewers whine about English (and sometimes they mean Australian) and even AMERICAN accents as being too thick to understand! My God, people! Get out of the MALL once in awhile and expose yourselves to LIFE! My only problem with this film is that Ruehl does not get enough dialogue and face time. This centers on the antics of the husband of her character far too much. But, it is his buffoonery that makes the film funny. And I did laugh out loud, which is unusual for me, on several occasions. She is the archetypal Virgin Mary tragic figure, which is rather a shame, as Ruehl is so funny, when she gets a chance. This is a dish of perfectly prepared pasta and a glass of wine from the local vineyard. The only people who could POSSIBLY object to this film eat too many burgers with fries, and will die never having lived. Bravissima, Ms. Ruehl! Molto bella! And the ending? Ah!