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Sunday, May 09, 2010

MOVIE: "Finn's Girl"


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This is a perfect apologia for the arguments of right wing, fundamentalist fanatics.

Queers can't parent, control their hormones, think of anybody but themselves, keep sex paraphenalia or pornography out of the hands of children, keep illegal and mind-altering drugs out of the hands of children, exhibit morals or ethics.

Women will put their careers ahead of family and will make impulsive, emotional decisions (like bringing people home from bars to have sex right next door to a child). But Lesbianism will make them so deranged, they'll put a sexual encounter ahead of performing their duties as police officers.

Marijuana is so destructive to decision making that, while "hiding" one's stash behind locked doors, one's child has access to the key. Upon discovering that not only the child, but two of her little friends, were repeatedly under the influence of one's stash, one makes no attempt at control. Rather, one makes the true statement that the child's brain cells haven't finished developing, but makes no attempt to keep that child away from drugs.

And "Daddy" is no better (liberal, white men are still the problem, the fundies will say): when a child is caught breaking the law, please, let's offer that child money!

Genetic research is warped and twisted, with no medical ethics or review, used for the personal gratification of the researcher. But then, she's a woman, and a Lesbian, and a marijuana user, to boot, so what can one expect?

Is Max's mom a nut job, driving her son to "jump off a bridge," because she doesn't want her son around all that mess?

Look, I'm an agnostic and a Queer, and I wouldn't allow any child around that mess.

Mommy walks out on child to buy armor for herself. Her child's concerns for her own safety are never addressed, discussed or respected.

I would never recommend anybody who felt ambivalent about feminism, liberalism, Queers, single parenting, marijuana, genetic engineering, abortion or health food watch this! It's a truly convincing argument against all of them.

It looks to me like the writer, at least, has unresolved, subconscious guilt and shame, having internalized the messages of the dominant society and thought they would be resolved in this screen play. If this is an attempt at rebellion, it is an adolescent one: giving power to the same oppressive elements one claims to rebel against.

This movie is embarrassing. It could set us back fifty years, if it ever gets shown in mega churches.