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Saturday, May 22, 2010

MOVIE: "Amelie"

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It's a lot like The Fisher King and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in composition, with a smattering of Jacob's Ladder. A child is traumatized by the death of a parent. Maybe that's why she appears to the snobs who hate this movie to be immature? Could it be arrested development? Yet, she's a responsible adult: her apartment's clean; her cat's fed; she shows up to work on time; she combs her hair. Sometimes, the greatest act of rebellion is to refuse to be cynical. That doesn't mean you might not be shy and, especially, nervous about being loved. It's sort of Terry Gilliam: Magical Realism. I didn't hate it. It's an amusement park ride and fairy tale for grown ups who may have become a little too grown up, and need to remember wearing cherries as earrings. Maybe you never wore cherries as earrings? Then you, especially, may need to see this movie. It's fun. It wasn't meant to be deep, profound or earth shattering. It's penny candy for the heart.