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Friday, May 07, 2010

MOVIE: "Hounddog"

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The script's a cliche? On what planet? I've never seen such an honest portrayal of a survivor. How do I know it's honest? Personal experience. Self assured, wise, intelligent, honest and curious child is systematically betrayed and forced into mute self denial.

The struggle to heal isn't worth the effort. Even though she languishes, she remembers useful facts that seem unrelated to her situation. Later, she will use them to liberate herself and her closest loved one.

I wish I could have freed myself, but the option didn't present itself. I was incarcerated with the viscious perpetrators until I ran at 17 to live on the streets.

Southern cliche? This story happens everywhere, all the time. Didn't need to be in the south; would have translated to inner city, Beverly Hills, the White House, Afghanistan, Paris, Harvard. But people would still have found excuses to object.

Script isn't slow; editing isn't illogical. Remember the song in the loft? "I had a ...." what? Are the images of dreams, visions, hallucenations, children's fantasies, nightmares ever logical? "Slowness" was actually thoughtfulness. Repetitive music let the actress and the character find their voices. For those of you who don't like to see depictions of children being abused, change the culture; don't shoot the messenger. People raise animals for meat; they can't allow pets to think it's ok to kill them. You're so worried about a gun shot, you never mentioned turkey feathers . . . or a rusted nail.

This is what it's like to survive trauma, folks. We're not crazy; it's the ones who whine that they're reminded trauma happens. Take two Soma and don't see me in the morning.