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Monday, May 10, 2010

MOVIE: "The Winter Guest"

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They say this movie is "understated, dark." I don't think we were watching the same movie. It's full of light and, while it's so cold the sea has frozen, it's so warm and rich and comforting.

I think it's a US pop culture problem We've eaten big macs so long, we have no appreciation for home cooked, gourmet foods. If it's not greasy, sugary and salty, we think it's boring or ominous or depressing.

This film is a black and white photo, taken with a real camera, with real film, developed in a real dark room, printed on real paper.

If we can't see that any more, if instant gratification and distraction are all we want of life, we are no longer human.

Now, the blurb here says something else I find very objectionable: Another plot thread follows a couple of dotty old townsfolk who love to attend funerals.

Wrong. These are old friends, in a small town, who, every week, see obituaries for friends who have died. They're not going to funerals for entertainment; they're going to show their respects. One says, I don't want him to blow the candle out.

That line in the blurb is a prejudiced stereotype of old people as mental defectives, and objects of ridicule. It has no place in this.

I loved the boys. Brilliant acting, brilliant script. Brave boys, playing theese parts. Bet they caught it when their school chums saw.

Burn all action films and soft core porn. We need more films like this. People need to remember that their lives are precious poetry. People need to remember the play of light on ice, and in eyes.