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Friday, May 28, 2010

MOVIE: "Disfigured"

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At first, I gave it three stars, but decided on four, because it is about gawdam time SOMEBODY got these conversations into popular or commercial media.

I am sorry it went all remedial about food obsession. I wish it had gone to a place like: I have an issue and you have an issue that seems opposite, but is really the same issue, which is that we have both been poisoned into hating our bodies and, therefore ourselves. We could be recovery buddies. We can talk with each other about the real issues, rather than the symptoms. We could encourage each other to be healthy and to keep our commitments and goals, so we can change our lives.

But, I guess it went remedial in order to try to stimulate discussion of social prejudices: to teach the audience how not to talk to fat and anorexic people: to change us, instead?

Women, be GRATEFUL if you CAN eat a balanced diet, if you are physically capable of regular exercise! By their apartments (one of which is on or near very expensive Venice Beach), neither of them knows that most low income rural and urban women live in food deserts where healthy diets are impossible or very expensive.

And the class garbage is blatant when a fat, privileged white woman tells a HOMELESS, chemically dependent Black person what a piece of NOTHING he is! Oh, yes! Let us talk about pointing fingers -- literally -- at each other, demanding the WORLD change to accommodate us, rather than changing ourselves to live in more harmony with the world! Oh, and the website is inaccessible to me because I am vision impaired. Thanks! I feel so included! Sisters, I LIVED in Venice in the seventies! At the Radical Women's Center, the Fat Underground (FU) met. Maybe you could learn something from them? Otherwise, you sort of look like whining, bored princesses with nothing better to do with your lives but obsess on how you eat? Really? Do we WANT to go there and do that? I do not. Good effort, but no home run.