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Saturday, May 22, 2010

MOVIE: "Long Life, Happiness & Prosperity"

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STREAMING VERSION HAS SUBTITLES NOW, FOLKS! I almost didn't watch this because of the subtitles complaints but figured, what the heck? I understood every scene. Thanks, NF, for fixing that, 'though one reviewer here says the Chinese dialogue was pretty incomprehensible to Chines speakers. Valerie Tian deserves Long Life, Happiness & Prosperity. What an actor! I hope racism in the film industry doesn't squander her childhood talents as an actress and lets her play more such roles! Of course, this assumes such roles for young girls are being written. Colin Foo played two roles, one of which was quite funny and made me wonder if there is any tradition in Chinese culture that allows for Queers or gender benders. I don't believe in any of the magical thinking shown in this film -- or in any culture or religion. BUT! I must say it was gratifying to see this small girl, who speaks almost no Chinese, research the traditional healing practices of her culture, as the next older generation just brushes her off as silly. Did my heart good to think maybe, just maybe, the old trad ions may find away to live, in spite of how modern and sophisticated we think we are. What a big turtle! I'm jealous! I loved every subplot, twist and firecracker. It's so fun to see movies about girls from cultural backgrounds so different from my own! I'm learning so much!