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Thursday, May 27, 2010

MOVIE: "Glen or Glenda?"

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This gets 5 stars from me for sincerity, gentleness and a child like sweetness. This is the sould of Ed Wood, himself and was, therefore, a tremendous risk. I am so impressed by his courage. I appreciate his kindness to sweet, old Bela Lugosi: a tragic figure in B and horror movies. The only reason Lugosi is in this film is that Wood tickled the fish with the producer (who was, in my opinion, a total skank and parsite) to get Lugosi on payroll. Lugosi wouldn't live much longer. The set for Lugosi was meant to be a science laboratory, not a horror set, but people cannot look at Lugosi and a skull and not think monster. Yes, Freudian pseudo-psychology was not exactly enlightened, and today, we might draw different conclusions about the subjects addressed. But Wood did not exploit transsexualism, simply because that was the agenda of the producer. This is a kind and loving movie. The odd stock footage was well used, except I will never understand the bison stampede. I love Ed Wood for having made this film. I bet it might have saved a few lives. He is a hero.