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Thursday, May 13, 2010

MOVIE: "Japanese Story"

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Reasons to watch the film:

The Outback

Yumiko Tanaka as Hiro's wife. The dignity, the clarity, the reserve. I could never be a Japanese woman. I'm not strong enough.

Reasons not to watch the film:

Plot, interiors, HAIR, makeup (shiny female lead looks like deranged blow fish), editing, acting (except above) tape loop quasi Japanese/classical fusion blend theme that sounds suspiciously like "Will I Lose My Dignity," from "Rent!" understanding of automechanics and survival skills, shallowness of emotion (except for garishly contorted face of Angla lead, as compared to face of Yumiko Tanaka, each depicting profound grief), constant product placement for Hertz and Qantas, sand up one's um bathing trunks, pretty standard stereotypes of a Japanese business person, strong female who turns into snot factory at most crucial moment requiring courage, back story.

Turns out, Neaderthal boy is supposed to be blowfish snot factory's ex lover and they were trying to pitch their software to Japanese dude. I read it online. Who knew? Not anybody watching film, for sure.

In hotel room, look for crew member's reflection in mirror.

A true work of "art," hai? Hai!