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Thursday, May 20, 2010

MOVIE: "Bent"

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I find it inspiring: at some point, we choose to be free, or not, no matter what the enemy does to try to own us. And freedom is never free. There's nothing depressing about that. Life demands courage. What if modern you were in Nazi Germany? That is this movie. Director immediately demands we know this is a play set to film. “Streets of Berlin” song modern composition; Jagger ruined with cracking voice and mockish expressions. I'd have hired Bowie or, more interestingly, Mc Cartney. Old factory location: most of film? Very compelling: Queer & Nazi spaces same? Interior of Max's place quite interesting: looks like stage set; sets tone for movie as stage play. Large to heat in cold, German winters; producers must be Californians. Nazis @ party: Y didn't they arrest people then? Love Gretta closet! Face of the young guard, holding Max on train: poignant. Sepia train montage: great editing. Rock pile location intense, beautiful editing, excellent music. Love making perfect: new meaning 2 oral sex! Diet, exhaustion would make push-ups improbable. Bodies would have been stripped: clothes, shoes recycled, teeth extracted 4 gold fillings, sometimes even skin 4 parchment, hair, 4 soap. Items on electric fence safe unless grounded. These are just quibbles. You are a Queer in Nazi Germany: what do you do? I don't know. More art about this subject, please. I've always been so interested. Lately, people misspeak and say ten million Jews. It was six million Jews and about four million Romas, Communists, behaviorally health challenged, people with birth defects, Queers, et al. No disrespect to Jews, but I do want more stories of the others, or their histories will disappear. And we have promised, haven't we? Never Again.