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Friday, May 07, 2010

MOVIE: "Gas, Food, Lodging"

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This is the worst movie poster! Doesn't look anything like the actors.

Ok, this isn't a SMALL town in New Mexico. It has at least one truck stop. It has a bowling alley with more than two lanes that appears to be open more than two evenings a week. It has a real movie theater.

Transitions between "town" and whatever other communities people visited were murky and I was lost a lot because of that.

When shooting on location in New Mexico, it's smart to look at how locals behave in the environment, so one won't film stupid, bone headed mistakes that only city people actors would make. One would NEVER sit on a street curb at an empty lot full of tumble weeds. They have sharp, pokey seeds that hit the ground. One would, first, check the curb for them, goat heads and ants before parking one's tender bits so close to pain. In fact, a true local would have a compulsion to brush off the curb before sitting, whether prickles were visible or not. Second, on a summer night, one would never stand with both the screen door and front door open with every light on in the house because billions of nocturnal insects would swarm into one's house. And every local kid would know the terrain better than any geologist would, because there's nothing to do and hidden places in the desert would be party spots.

Not too preciously quaint and ciche, the locations, props, costumes and interior sets were bland enough to be believeable, except for the cutesy lamp shades on the diner's tables.

Good story. Don't think it moves very fast? Well, welcome to the desert of New Mexico. If people moved fast, they'd burn out.

I can't believe people in such a close community wouldn't have gaydar. And I can't believe they wouldn't know who and where everybody is at all times: it's a form of entertainment out here.

I think this must have been written by a former tourist, not someone who lives out here.

Who was that last "rocks" guy sleeping with to get the part? Terrible actor. Must be someone's brother.