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Thursday, April 22, 2010

MOVIE: "Itty Bitty Titty Committee"

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I was in L.A. thirty years ago, doing street art actions.

It's really hard work.

We never did anything that would endanger people's health or safety, including pulling fire alarms and causing panic. There's a good reason why that's illegal, you know.

There's anarchy and then there's chaos. I didn't hear well thought out theory on why certain actions took place.

Whining about lack of visitors to your website is no excuse for violence. Swap links. Put your URL in your signiture in online forums. Get OFF your website and onto OTHER websites, build community, network. Stop looking in the mirror and look out the window.

Where's the political analysis of the consumption of drugs?

Alcohol kills brain cells, decreases inhibitions until a woman can't make good decisions for herself, is used as a date rape drug and broadcasts commercials that objectify women.

Cigarettes kill and are a major contributor to the health care crisis we're in right now, including, but not limited to, breast cancer.

Weed comes across the boarder, trafficked by the same nice people who bring us child prostitution, slavery and toxic chemicals marketed to children.

Violence against a woman who hates Queer marriage is violence against women. Blowing up a tall structure made of heavy material pollutes the atmosphere and endangers lives on the ground, including non human lives, like the animals, birds and plants in the park.

REALLY radical feminism requires thought, discussion, compassion for others and personal discipline.

You get three stars because this is the first film I've seen in thirty years that actually mentions the issues.

Because of production quality, sound track, lighting, acting and set design, if this had been just a bit more realistic, you'd have gotten five.