Stupid Girls

Sunday, April 25, 2010

MOVIE: "Women in Trouble"

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I kept looking at the nun in the opening close up thinking, what's wrong with her?

Make up. ON a nun?

It's vulgar. I quit watching when the satin underwear appeared.

Pretty disrespectful of women with vocations that don't require sexual behavior with men.

So, i hear it's "deep" conversations about sexuality?

WHY can't there be conversations between women about philosophy, astrophysics, radio production cold fusion, chaos theory post modern art, classical composition and the evolutionary niche of the platypus?

WHY must we only hear conversations about genitalian and their byproducts: babies and menses, cooking, dieting, poor body image and how badly some boy (can't call them men) is treating them?

Oh, boy! Women have different sexual characteristics than men! And that's all that's important because, the bottom line is: women only exist for the gratification of boys. So sit on that phallocentricism and spin, ladies.

NO, I won't watch any more of this.