Stupid Girls

Saturday, April 24, 2010

"MOVIE: "Harold and Maude"

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I was a seventeen-year-old teen runaway when I watched this at the Fox Venice Theater in California in '71.

I wanted so much to be Maude.

A funny thing happened between then and now, 2010.

I am a lot more like Maude than I ever could have hoped, or planned, to be.

This fills me with enormous satisfaction that, while I probably won't live as long as she, I have loved life very well.

An ex-lover told me yesterday, "I've never met anybody like you."

I wonder if my ex-lover ever saw "Harold and Maude."

I gave a minister my primary directive: how I should be handled, after my death.

I asked to be cremated and thrown in the rose beds, where bone meal does some good. I asked for an open party. I asked that they show "Harold and Maude."

Now, I'd only make one change: put me in a recycled cardboard coffin and hide me in the wild, where I can return to Earth as a body should.

I can't believe it! I made it! I am a lot like Maude. For a time, I even lived in a hotel, right across the street from that roller coaster in Santa Cruz. It was my alarm clock.

What a role model for a terrified, abused, frightened girl with no survival skills, loose on the streets of Los Angeles, to have managed to have done!

I'm so humbled.