Stupid Girls

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

DOCUMENTARY: "Beautiful Daughters"

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This "documentary" is unbalanced, unfair and in denial.

First, where's a V Monologues for female to male trannies? I want to hear THEM discuss their genitalia, transitions, etc.

Next, I have to ask this: WHY are all the women portrayed so stereotypically, culturally acceptably "feminine?"

Being a woman has NOTHING to do with make up, pink, heels, ear rings..... and all of it passing for upper middle class.

Where were the trannies with dreadlocks, body piercings, gender Queers, MtF Lesbians, gender benders, etc.?

Where is the DIVERSITY of trans life? Why are we promoting propaganda that says women have to be "soft" and "receptive?"

How is this feminist? WHere's a discussion of the stifling artificiality of gender roles/

Wanting to wear glitter eyeshadow and twirl a baton doesn't mean someone wants to be a woman. Lots of drag queens have done that for centuries.

I won't pity you, although I do respect the hells you've gone through and I honor your courage for living your lives.

But I don't need one more person to tell me, as a woman, that I don't measure up because I'm not breaking my back to mimic some air brushed magazine photo at the grocery check out.

I'm too busy fulfilling my life to waste time, money and energy on appearing pleasing to men.

You're only getting four stars from me because it's about dang time this happens, but I don't agree with the "Vision" of "Womanhood" portrayed.

And WHAT's with the cover art?!