Stupid Girls

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

MOVIE: "Drool"

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I'm sorry I can't give this film more than three stars. Production quality is fin: costumes, sets (esp. Savanna location), lighting and especially sound track. Acting was great.

The cover art is just lame. The title makes no sense.

But the first fifteen minutes or so were hideous.

I couldn't stand the daughter for agreeing to fulfill that boy's "dream," when he humilated her like that in front of his little buddies.

I found nothing funny about that, marital rape, racist words from a child's mouth.

It was so repulsive, I nearly gave up FOUR TIMES in fifteen minutes.

The beginning needs to be rewritten. Why should we care about that girl? Why should we care about that family of seeming losers?

One technical note with sets: Banana trees could never survive out doors in Oklahoma; it's just too cold.

I ended up really enjoying the movie but, at first, I could barely keep with it. The only reason I did was because I read the reviews here.

Otherwise, I'd have baled.

Give me a reason to stay. Rewrite the first, two scenes and give the viewer a reason to care about these people. It's not enough that it eventually has a feminist, anti racist, anti homophobic message. The opening scenes are repugnant as is.