Stupid Girls

Monday, April 26, 2010

MOVIE: "Therese and Isabelle"

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If you had your hand over your gaping mouth, it's a pefectly good waste of a hand!

How am I Queer for over 30 years and only now finding out about this movie???

Nobody committed suicide!! Nobody was branded with some warped neurosis! Nobody spontaneously combusted! Nobody had her skinf flailed from her meat with clam shells! No mobs arrived with ropes, torches and pitch forks!

Nobody "paid" for learning how to love!

Isabelle's not a natural blonde (I mean the eyebrows, you perv!).

And they're both definately over age, so even though it's school girls, there's none of that embarrassing lolicon creepiness to deal with.

Too much walking, filmed from roofs.

I say, less walking more pearl diving!

And not a hair out of place!