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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MOVIE: "Suicide Club"

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Watch it HERE
It is not a suicide club, and the name of the film is actually SUICIDE CIRCLE. This is about fads, about corporate marketing to kids as young as 2 years old, about utilizing modern forms of media to manipulate children. The problem arises when it is the children who begin to manipulate back. The writer/director is also a performance artist & poet. He staged massive poetry readings & art exhibits in Tokyo subways by advertising on the net, by cell phone, etc. It was an early mob event. Tokyo police did not know what to do and the events continued for several weeks. This is his answer to the question, what if the kids used new media today and sent the message, are you connected to yourself? There is no criminal to which anybody can point, because we are all complicit in this crime: we are murdering our young. This is pure art. I do not understand all the symbolism (butterfly tattoos, baby chicks), but I wonder if I need to, if it is because I am not urban Japanese or if I am just too old to get it. I will tell you this: SUICIDE CIRCLE should be shown in every Urban Planning, Psychology, Womens Studies and sociology class in the USA, let alone Japan. A website is mentioned near the beginning of the movie, by The Bat. That site is active. I joined today. Girls are talking. It is called jikennews dot com There are other, semi-hidden sites on the net. It takes little investigation. The circle is there. So are the dots.