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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MOVIE: "Adam and Steve"

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This MAY be the FUNNIEST Queer film I have EVER seen! It is funny because it is HONEST, SMART and REAL. It is not self consciously trying to be clever, cool or hip. In fact, it is pretty much just the opposite. Most of us are just regular schmoes, trying to get through life without utter humiliation or breaking every bone in our bodies. We do not have time or energy to primp in front of mirrors, except to make sure we do not go into public with a big, green booger hanging out our noses. In this plastic fantastic world of plastic surgery and hair highlights, how in the world can we keep our heads screwed on right, let alone find someone to share our lives with? Under normal circumstances, I DETEST that particular song from the MOVIE of SOUND OF MUSIC, because it was padding, not part of the original score. But here, only here, and only under these circumstances, yeah! For those of you who like to send bright, shiny objects on to friends, the song, S*it Happens, is available as a UTube video. I already have it on my Facebook page. I am female, so I have no romantic agendas here. I just TOTALLY wish Adam and Steve were friends of mine! I could pich their cheeks. . . as long as nothing squirts.