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Saturday, July 03, 2010

MOVIE: "Beyond Belief"

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OH! The arrogant opining of NettFlicks viewers! And how many of them have set an Afghan woman up with a micro-business, I have to wonder! The Afghan woman who said 5 stories burned? To her five stories IS a tall building! She can not even imagine anything as tall as the trade towers! As to all the self-endulgent, self-interest of the US women who started the organization? Really listen to them: out of everything they say, maybe, MAYBE they speak of themselves one twentieth of the time! The rest, they talk about family, their lost husbands, the organization and its plans, the futures of those they love, the futures of Afghan widows they have yet to meet. Ninety nine percent of the ideas that come from these women are positive, productive, accepting and tolerant of others, life-affirming and pro-active, unlike viewer reviews at NettFlicks. Those who can, do. Those who cannot, criticize those who do. For a single mother of small children to get on an airplane -- after her husband died in one -- and fly to a country that has been at war longer than she has been alive, even after an aid worker there was held prisoner -- to assist widows in starting businesses and getting out of abject poverty? How can ANY of us criticize that, question her motives or grumble that this documentary is not polemic enough? They are replacing hate and fear with love and dignity. What more can anybody do?