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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MOVIE: "Beautiful"

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Beautiful is amongst the first projects in the world to use the new Sony F23 CineAlta HD Camera, this has enabled us to shoot HD with the flexibility of film, says Smith. We are projecting daily rushes that are exciting to watch, given the superior full resolution images we are seeing. INSIDE FILM Now you know why the tight close ups of dew-dripped roses, spider webs and road kill look so sharp and crisp. I hope this film is to Sebastian Gregory what BACHELOR PARTY was to Tom Hanks: a way to get face time and launch a decent career, but a piece of his filmography he will never mention on The Tonight Show unless someone else brings it up, and even then, only with mortification all over his face. This film has about the same substance as BP: manipulation of audience, as much profundity as a drying puddle and a nearly pathological fear of conventionally good looking blondes. It is as full of cheap tricks as a half=drunk illusionist in a bad cocktail lounge in Las Vegas. It is all smoke, mirrors and misdirection (I mean the latter literally). There is, as Gertrude Stein said, no there there, as can be perfectly exemplified by the ending. Who cares who worked on the film? Not the director, for sure. I did not much care for this mov