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Sunday, August 01, 2010

MOVIE: "Akeelah and the Bee"

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I thought this would be the story of Ashley White, from the documentary SPELLBOUND. It was not. The white script writer was inspired by Ms. White, who had none of the advantages of more affluent competitors in her bee, but this is a fiction, not biography. I suppose one could say this is an exploitation of Ms. White, as she received no benefits from the film, as those in the film have received from the story of Ms. White. It is very idealized. The most moving aspect of the story for me was seeing the community pitch in to help Akeelah study. I thought, oh, good. Finally, the African American community is remembering its deep roots in community cooperation for survival, achievement and success! We are all so much stronger when we work together, rather than competing and tearing each other down to get on top. I do not know if Ms. White had such supporters. I think not. She ended up a homeless, teen mother. Now, however, she is attending Howard University, with the help of newspaper readers who heard her story. After graduate school, she wants to work with chldren to help those who have been where she has been. I think the story of Ms. White deserves a film. I would have given this movie five stars, if it had been a more honest and less sugar coated portrayal. I just do not thing this is honest. The cast is magnificent, particularly KeKe. A real spelling champ has a small role, and worked as consultant to the film. He says a bad word, though. It is an excellent film for all young girls, struggling to accomplish SOMETHING besides capitulating to the unrealistic Barbie/ho gender roles popular culture demands. It really is ok to be intelligent, inquisitive, strong, opinionated and studious, you know.

Coolest part of the film:
50,000 Coaches (video)