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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

MOVIE: "Spitfire Grill"

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I am sick to DEATH of so-called christian men telling women we must be perpetual victims and QUOTE sacrifice END QUOTE for the good of the community! As a survivor of child sexual assault and abuse, I can tell you: prisons, mental hospitals, homeless shelters and the streets are FULL of women who were human sacrifices to the hubris, arrogance, violence, ignorance and tyranny of evil men, some of whom write screen plays to promote their religious agendas that perpetrate the same. 
 The problem is, most of us are not as cute, soft-spoken, wide-eyed, quaint and sweet as Percy; the traumas of our lives have left us rather unattractive, so we can rot while filmmakers bring in big bucks off of our suffering. 
THIS IS NOT A FILM BY, FOR OR ABOUT WOMEN! It is a film about a sad misinterpretation of sacred texts, superstition, condescension toward women and people with behavioral health challenges. 
Some proceeds from this film went to a religious kindergarten, so more suckers can be indoctrinated into the propaganda that the only good woman is a suffering woman. 
And TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD did a MUCH better job with Boo Radley! You even stole the MUSIC! That was very christian of you! 
If you want to help abuse survivors, stay out of our way! Do NOT speak FOR us; LISTEN to us -- and NOT with dollar signs in your eyes! 
This is a tear jerker only to those arrogant and ignorant enough to PITY us, rather than RESPECT OUR DIGNITY (because THAT, of course, would mean they might actually have to DO something to CHANGE THINGS!) 
Family values, my right mammary gland!