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Sunday, July 04, 2010

MOVIE: "Requiem

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Fictionalized biography of Anneliese Michel, source of films, THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE and THE EXORCIST.

MY SUGGESTED THEORY OF WHAT REALLY HAPPENED: This film is a testiment to the sadistic, sexist domination of a corrupt, greedy church that encourages believers in blind obedience & superstition, in order to maintain power. Devout, young girl, knows no alternative to religion, sexually molested by parish priest who blames girl for tempting him to damnation (see story of Eve). Girl is epileptic; blames seizures on what she thinks is her sin. Begins penance for wayward priests, sleeping on bare floors, even in winter. At puberty, begins self-abuse & anorexia. Girl escapes to university, despite controlling mother. Sexual relationship with boy triggers repressed memories of sexual assaults by priest as voices, visions; cannot pray, touch crucifix. Feels shame & guilt for sexuality; consults priest, who touches her too often & encourages identification with saint who suffered similar symptoms & died young, martyred. She cannot identify, totally, with Katherine, as she is not virgin: more shame, guilt. Katherine tortured and killed when she could not persuade Roman Emperor to stop torturing Christians, but converted Empress. Katherine held as role model for Catholic femininity: the chaste martyr. Priest suggests Katherine's suffering a good thing; does not suggest medical attention. Friends try to help, but boyfriend returns her to source of trauma: family home & parish, afraid of stigma of hospital. Parents, priests gang up, feed delusion of supernatural possession; confine woman to house; ignore medical alternatives; constantly suggest demonic possession; allow woman to starve. This is not a horror film; it is a biographical drama. Every survivor of child sexual abuse can see what really happened here. Props to her school friends, who tried to support her to leave her madness & heal.

Film available on NetFlix and elsewhere with English subtitles.