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Sunday, June 27, 2010

MOVIE: "Teeth"

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First off, mad props to the old guy in the red Cadillac (Doyle Carter). I just pray he was as embarrassed acting his role as I was watching. I've met creepy leches like his character and, yes, they are that ugly. Sorry, Mr. Carter, bu that means you did a great job. Quoting the Austin Public Library here, QUOTE Doyle has been an extra in over fifty motion pictures with speaking roles in several movies and commercials. . . . He tells Texas Ranger stories, circus stories, and performs a one-man show on Will Rogers. Doyle is a member of the Screen Actors Guild, The Tejas Storytelling Association, Central Texas Storytelling Guild, and the Wild Western Arts Club (Trick Ropers Association). END QUOTE The more I learn about Austin, the more I suspect I should be living there. Next, the sound track is as good as anything Danny Elfman ever squeezed out. This film had a 2 million budget, and is darn near flawless. Please note the name of the dog owned by her half brother, Mother. This movie is fascinating on at least fifty levels. And now a word about the lead actor, Ms. Jess Weixler, a Julliard graduate and Louisville, KY homegirl. I foresee the next Helen Hunt here. What range! The grotto scene? It brought tears to my eyes, as it begins to dawn on her character what just happened. I once laughed, while making love to a guy. I saw a look of terror and pain cross his eyes. I will tell you, from first hand experience, that this primal fear some men have of the vulva is very real. And all I did was laugh. Speaking of laughing, this film totally cheered me up! I scared my cat twice, guffawing loudly. It's only horror to boiz who can never be men!