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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

MOVIE: "Irina Palm"

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In order to see how funny this movie is, must it be absolutely necessary that one be a dowdy, fat, middle aged woman? I cracked up through the whole thing! Most of the humor is in how humorless others are. Look, I just wish somebody ever loved me enough to do what Maggie did! I would do it, if someone I loved needed me. It is hard, after fifty, for me to see myself as still worthy of love and respect. We live in a culture where the value of a woman is still, far too much, based on her ability to please men. Maggie found a work-around. It may have made the heads of those around her pop like a tick, but that is not the responsibility of Maggie. I am so glad to see scripts being written for real women, going out, timidly, into the big, bad world and shaking it, quite literally, in this case, to its knees. Brava!