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Monday, June 14, 2010

MOVIE: "Tadpole"

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Since when is a fifteen-year-old child QUOTE old enough to make your own decisions END QUOTE ?? I agree with another viewer review here: if this were a girl, being seduced by a forty-year-old man -- Oh, but I forget: there is a film here on NotFlax called THE LOVER. In it, a fifteen-year-old girl is beaten and raped by a thirty-five-year-old man. The scenes are graphic. It is child pornography, legally; it does not matter the age of the actor portraying a child. Yet, NotFlax viewers RAVE about what a great film it is! Soon, we will catch up to Japan and lolicon. Our daughters will turn tricks in their school uniforms; toddlers will pose provocatively on magazine covers. Porn sites, accessible in the USA, already depict grown men raping babies. This movie is NOT FUNNY. Were the lead an ADULT of eighteen years or older, it MIGHT be funny. But this is a child, completely drunk, statutorily raped by a forty-year-old. When I see a child drunk, I alert the family. If the family is to blame, I call child protective services. I do NOT RAPE HIM!

TADPOLE? Why, he is barely a SPERM!