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Sunday, June 13, 2010

MOVIE: "Secret Society"

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Wow! I SO wish we had a Sumo club where I live! I would SO be there! What a positive, funny, honest film! I wonder how they got any male rikishi to perform in this film? Sumo is pathologically sexist and xenophobic. Women are not allowed to TOUCH the mat. Only one foreigner is allowed in any Sumo stable, and naturalized Japanese citizens are not even permitted to participate, as they are born outside of Japan.

HOWEVER! I do think Sumo could be a GREAT way for fat women to bond, learn self discipline, find the beauty in their strength, kick some skinny @$$ and generally cause a lot of chaos! I could not stand the regimen of actual Sumo, and I doubt a lot of non-Japanese could. I doubt a lot of Japanese could!

But this film was SO FUN!