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Sunday, June 27, 2010

MOVIE: "Otto or Up with Dead People"

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The only thing truly pornographic about this movie is the fact that modern culture has decayed to such a point of indifference, hostility, greed, lust and cruelty as entertainment that such a film needs to be made. Sound engineering, composition, camera work were very, very good. Some locations were quite visually striking. I am sorry Medea is such a ridiculous characture, as nearly everything she says is true, but spoken in the shrill polemic of the self-righteous and, therefore, influentially impotent. I suppose she speaks for modern, post-industrial culture, which is eating its young. For me, the movie began as side-show camp, degenerated into a revolutionary manifesto and, just as it began to tail spin toward Earth, pulled up at the last moment to become deeply moving and poignant. I know Otto. I was Otto. Cans of gasoline were never far from my consciousness. Feral children seldom have many options; control of the individual body is one of the only ones available. This is a love story to the lost children and a wake up call to us smug, complacent adults who live in denial as we bequeath squalor and filth to our offspring.