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Sunday, March 25, 2012

A message for the family of Shaima Alawadi

Uploaded by on Mar 25, 2012
I know there is almost no chance you will hear this as I am a small youtuber with a small voice. But I want you to know first that I am sorry for your loss. I know there is nothing I can say to ease your sadness in this time and my heart goes out to your mother who I am certain was a wonderful person. What happened to her was wrong without question and goes to show just how far we have to go as a society.

I understand that in times of grief we struggle to understand why such bad things happen to good people. Usually there are no sufficient answers. But what I ask you to remember is this. We are all trying to figure out the meaning of our existence in this world. Some of search in the seen. Some of us search in the unseen. But I assure you that what happened to your mother wasn't because of a lack of a belief in a God. There have been leaders who believed in a God that have brought great suffering on this world. And there have been leaders who didn't believe in a God who did the same. My message to you is this. Please do not lay blame for this at the feet of atheists like me until you know as many facts as you will find.

If you look, you will see that the fiercest champions of secularism in this society are atheists. Not just because we long to be free from religion but because we know there is no true religious freedom without it; freedom for Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Pagans and Muslims. We are not your enemy. In fact, I humbly ask that once you are able you look for those around you who are crying for tolerance of your beliefs; I assure you, you will find atheists there. We have nothing to gain from this other then the freedom to think freely and decide for ourselves what the meaning of our existence is. Just like you.
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